The Wisdom Of Patience

How is patience related to wisdom? Does one lead to another or are they perhaps different from one another? Read Chong's take on this, and you may just feel inspired to develop more patience in your life - 3 Min Read

The Ultimate Guide To End Food Addiction

Tempting mashed potatoes led to several discoveries for our writer. Long-forgotten food associations surfaced, along with the realization of why regular dieting doesn’t always work.He shares his way to deal with emotional eating - 1 Min Read.

Dressing For Your Soul

Some people take effort to dress up while others are indifferent to this daily ritual. Is dressing up another mask in our arsenal to shield ourselves from the outside world? Or is it a means through which we express our authentic selves? - 1 Min Read

NY Special: 5 Signs Of Happy Goals – Part 2

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NY Special: Worldly Goals That Make You Happy - Part 1

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Waking Up To Inner Peace

Being in nature helps you reflect on your life in a safe, stress-free, mindful and peaceful manner. Read on to learn how you can come to terms with peace within and without when you connect with Mother Earth : A Guardian Of Mother Earth (GME) Article - 1 Min Read

Colorful Lessons From A Rainbow Child

Children of the New Age see things differently from those of the previous generations. Our writer shares her experience of interacting with a Star Child - 2 Min Read

What Are You Doing Here?

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Balance Your Root Chakra, Balance Your Abundance

The root chakra plays a major role in our physical survival, health and wealth. Find out how to manage your root chakra for a vibrant, healthy and abundant life - 2 Min Read