The Story

“Happily Ever After” often is the ending line of a fairy tale. We want to share that this can indeed come true.

The HEART of Community is our main theme. To inspire HOPE, EMPOWERING the community through activities. To attract ABUNDANCE in our lives and finally to REUNITE our hearts and celebrate each other. And begin to TRANSFORM the community to become a world that is filled with Love, Joy, Gratitude & Harmony.

This is where it all happens.

Our mission is to create an event that will bring joy, laughter, love and gratitude into the lives of the community. In our experience, we find that people learn better through fun and interactive activities. This event aims to create awareness that achieving Happily Ever After can happen.


  • Increase awareness that our thoughts and emotions impacts our lives. Educating the importance of a positive mindset and lifestyle.
  • Understand ourselves better to be able to manage our lives and then our interaction with loved ones and subsequently with the community, and to build a healthier relationship with Mother Earth.

Activities throughout the 2 days will engage with the community to bring about a balance of BODY, MIND & SOUL.

Quarterly Event
Bringing joy, empowerment & love to the community.

Inspire the community through workshops, talks & healings.

Loving Gaia
Connecting community with eco-friendly companies to change their lifestyle.

Let’s start now, simply with one act. JOIN US to EXPERIENCE & TRANSFORM.

BLOCK THE DATES! Join us in creating a world full of Love, Joy, Gratitude & Harmony!