Bounce Back With A “New You” Mommy Body

Getting back into shape after pregnancy by working with your body honorably, respectfully and with a positive mindset.

A Perfect Tool For The New Wellness

Mental wellness has gained more attention lately as more and more people suffer the effects of job changes, persistent lockdowns, social distancing and other lifestyle changes. There is a better way to live than this - and it starts with a simple age-old practice.

Spaghetti In Peanut Sauce

Kickstart the year by laying a good foundation for a healthier body. Your health lies in your hands and in your kitchen!

Journeying With A Soul Mate

Every relationship has the chance for the sharing of deep, beautiful moments when you open your heart and allow. You may just experience or meet someone who may change your life for the better.

Earth Energy Prediction: JAN-MAR 2021

At the beginning of the New Year 2021, everything will already be bubbling up to the next level. Life will not really be the same as before, and it will never be the same again energetically.

Our Crowning Glory

Hair has a special and even sacred significance in many cultures. Energy and emotions can also be trapped in the hair! So taking good care of your hair empowers and beautifies your energy.
christina teng

Birthing The New Beautiful Me

Fat-shaming is a trend in an age where males and female alike are obsessed with health fads and societal expectations. Find out from Christina what beauty is really about.
lemuria light

Are You NOW HERE or Nowhere?

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world. Many are saying that this is the great awakening and we will all be more conscious and evolved, and therefore better, from it.
earth energy prediction

Earth Energy Prediction: OCT-DEC 2020

Accelerated change calls for accelerated response. The time for adaptation is here. The Light of the Universe beckons us to respond quickly!