Volume 19

What You Wear Affects You

Do you take the time to choose what you wear every morning? Or perhaps, evenings, as you dress for dinner? Obviously, some of us take more care in our appearance than others. Is it because some of us love fashion or perhaps have the need to create or maintain a certain image?

Yet others dress according to their moods. Professor Karen Pine, author of Mind What You Wear, found that specific clothing, can make people feel more confident in different situations. Common sense and experience would show you that what we wear affects the way others think of us. Many people are affected by how others see them.

Sometimes putting on different clothing makes you feel differently too. For example, something silky may make you feel relaxed or classy or sexy. Something with somber colors enhances the seriousness of a task or situation that you find yourself in.

Over the years many cultures have rules regarding dressing, in general or for specific occasions. One might think that this is done for image or honor but it is actually done to instil certain values or a particular mindset in the wearer. For example, military uniforms may evoke feelings of patriotism or reinforce a hierarchy of superiority and subordination.

Pine also found that the effect of dressing in certain clothing is so strong that when the women in one of her research groups were asked to do a math test in a swimsuit or wearing a sweater, the latter group performed better.

More often than not, people choose to dress a certain way to express how they feel, what they think, and what they choose to honor. So if the way we dress has a lot of influence on our psychology and spirit, doesn’t it make sense or feel better to be more selective of what we wear?

 Clothing To Change Your Life

According to International Makeover Coach Selena Rodriguez in The Archaeology Of Style, clothing emits energy through its cut, colors, design, fabric and fit when a garment or accessory matches to one or more of a person’s essential inner qualities. Clothing cannot otherwise give to a person an attribute the wearer does not already carry.

Perhaps this is why just simply wearing a particular color or shape may not help the wearer manifest or change the situation she or he wants to change. Wearing a certain style but not feeling comfortable in it, does not help manifest or improve a certain situation because, well, the style may not suit you at all in terms of personality or lifestyle.

You are just not being authentic, not respecting your body or living according to what makes your soul happy.

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Rose Wong is a certified trainer and healer specializing in Shamanic healing and elemental meditation. She has 20 years of experience in the education and psychology field and is a licensed  counselling psychologist as well as a couple/family therapist. Rose is grateful that her work has allowed her to be of service to hundreds of beautiful souls all over North America and Malaysia. You can get in touch with her at rose.wong@bodymindsoul.com.my