Crystals As An Energy Enhancer & Protector

Crystals contain energy vibrations within them. Use them to benefit our home, work environment or even for protection!

Hormone-Balancing Foods For Women

Ever wondered why women are more affected by hormones than men? Here’s how to better balance those hormones.

Self-Care Sunday: For The Woman Of Today

Being a woman, you care for everyone else. But do you care for yourself? Do you know how to?

Bounce Back With A “New You” Mommy Body

Getting back into shape after pregnancy by working with your body honorably, respectfully and with a positive mindset.

Plant-Based Diet: Just A Craze Or Here To Stay?

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you take a meal, you are making yourself and our planet healthier?

Our Crowning Glory

Hair has a special and even sacred significance in many cultures. Energy and emotions can also be trapped in the hair! So taking good care of your hair empowers and beautifies your energy.
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Are You NOW HERE or Nowhere?

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world. Many are saying that this is the great awakening and we will all be more conscious and evolved, and therefore better, from it.
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Beauty Inside Out

Whether you're a woman or man, you can make yourself beautiful by following certain basic practices that shine your beauty from the inside. Isn’t it perfect to have an inner glow and an outer radiance?

Create An Energy Protection Bubble In 5 Minutes!

Everything including your body is energy. Do you know that you can manage and protect your own energy to feel positive and enhance your well-being?