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Self-awareness is the capacity to focus on oneself through one’s actions, ideas, thoughts or emotions — to perceive oneself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection.

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Light pollution all over the globe is giving us a hard time seeing stars at night. What impact does it have on your health, the plants, and animals?
Why is living a balanced life is important? Balance focuses us to pay attention and do what’s really important for our well-being and happiness.

Why do men and women handle relationship conflicts differently?

September ~ A Month Of Celebration!

We are going into Autumn season. Autumn is a season of harvest.

Children With Special Needs: Who Are They?

What makes a child a special needs child? What is their purpose here?

What Is True Love?

Have you ever ask that question – What is true love?

Find Your Inner Peace

Looking for inner peace? The Men Circle may be what you need to help you get there.

How To Love Negativity?

Are you a negative-biased person? Low self-esteem, no confidence, self-judgment, and the list goes on. So how can one turn this around?

Lady business… the need for menstrual awareness and its impact on women’s life, particularly their emotions and lifestyle, and most importantly, health.

Can you say “No” to a request, to something that your heart doesn’t resonate with? Or are you a people-pleaser, a Ms/Mr Yes to everyone? Is saying “No” rude?

Can you take a #break between work or chores? Or are you the type who pushes through even when extremely tired and worn out? What’s your perception on “taking a break”?

How expressing yourself can help you to connect with others, better manage your emotions and enable you to create better outcomes.

Have you given your best to your goals or your relationship, but feel disappointed and sad over the outcome as it’s not how you had hoped it should be?

What happens when you become more spiritual? Do problems disappear? Do you experience only peace and love day in, day out?

How do some people seem to have all the luck where opportunities fall at their feet, noblemen come to their aid or solutions appear at their door? Would you like to be one that attracts good luck – not once, not twice but constantly.

Do you sometimes agree that the grass next door is always greener? How about asking yourself if you have taken the time to admire yours? Oftentimes, the feeling of “never enough” arises from we not liking who we are and what we have in life.

Everyone is talking about having a balanced work-life. Especially after what we have gone through globally. Somehow, it shifted our priorities in life. But, do we truly understand how to have a work-life balance?

What are the effects of a divorce on a person, the children and their family members? What sort of psychological impact they will encounter and how, as a single parent, one can still have a healthy, happy and harmonious family life!

Often, people talk but they don’t communicate. Communication breakdowns happen when people fail to listen to the emotional element behind the other person’s communication, especially between genders.

Do you enjoy your glass of drink or are you waiting to empty it so you can have another? In her self-discovery journey, Christina realized that in the past, she depended on liquor for a very specific reason.

Narcissism is not something new. It has been around for a long time and we often encounter people with this kind of behavior. Understand more and how to identify narcissistic behavior.

Men are generally taught and conditioned to look tough, act tough and be tough. But in all that toughness, have you ever wondered if men need any support at all? Where do they go when they face problems at work and at home? Who can they turn to when they are down with their emotions?

Is it possible to receive bad news with a #positive attitude? How can we digest all these heartbreaking news in a peaceful manner? Here are 3 simple ways to do it! 

Knowing what does not work is just as important as knowing what works for a happy and long-lasting marriage. If you’re married and are having issues, this livetalk may have some of the answers you’re looking for. If you are contemplating marriage, this will be a good foundation for you.

You’ve worked a couple of years after graduation. So how do you steer your #career smoothly without the stress that is affecting your relationships and #happiness ? This session is for young men seeking that elusive work-life balance. 

Be the change for our planet as we explore how our emotions can impact the Earth and how we can invest in our planet consciously and purposefully.

Ever felt stuck in a negative #emotion loop? Wondering how to #uplift yourself in a day?

Do you find that as a #man , you often encounter conflicts whether at work, at home and within yourself? Think how life can be without the conflicts, when you have the sustained inner peace you yearn for.

Have you ever been #stuck in a situation where you can’t even take one more step #forward ? How about feeling disappointed when the result isn’t what you have expected?

Find out what you can do for yourself or to support your loved ones living with diabetes and help create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle!

If an alien was to land on earth on that day, it would think that only women need the loving. Hey, men need some loving too! Check out what makes a man feel loved – from the men themselves. ❤️ .

If you know your unique life cycle’s gifts and potentials, you can use them to create and maximize opportunities for the desired outcomes. Creation and manifestation, what’s the difference? What life cycle are you in now? What phase are you going through?

#Happiness is what we seek for as human beings, isn’t it? How can we constantly live in happiness? To stay through it, and to stay true to it, often our mind will tell us it’s impossible.

What is love to you? How do you see love? But what if there is a hidden power behind love?

What makes a man #happy ? A flashy car, a pretty girlfriend or wife, lots of money, recognition? Or is there something more? What’s missing in a man’s life that makes him not as happy and contented as he thinks he should be?

If you’re looking to restore a harmonious and healthy family connection, it is important to understand your family’s patterns of interaction with one another as they can have a significant impact on the choices you are drawn to in life.

We often underestimate the importance of having moments of silence – not to read, not to watch anything from our mobile device – but just spend a little time with ourselves. Magic happens during this silent moments.

#Men have feelings too. But they are often misunderstood, and even ridiculed, for how they express themselves and their feelings. 

Do you know that your abundance creation is associated with your consciousness? And… there are 4 layers of human consciousness! Do you also know that you can use love and wisdom to allow for abundance in life?

Why don’t men talk about their emotions? Men have emotions too, the problem is that they rather not show it.

What comes to mind when you see the word “meditation”? Is it about sitting cross legged in a lotus position and chanting Om?

How do you deal with #disappointments in life? Do you feel defeated or does it motivate you? Are there constructive ways to deal with disappointments? 

Ever doubted your self-worth? Questioning yourself whether you are worthy of Love? The answer is YES of course you are! But sometimes, we get stuck in the transition of knowing or connecting back to this truth.

What is life without love? How you can use them for healing, earning, learning and loving yourself, your life, your loved ones!

Are your days used to be filled with anger and judgements that he actually harbored hatred towards life? Usually we swing from one polarity to another constantly seeking love, approval, acknowledgement and acceptance from others, living an imbalanced life.

What’s a dad to do? Especially if it’s your first time assuming this role. How does it affect your relationship with your wife?

Does daily food intake affect & impacts your body? Do you experience a challenging and terrifying health episode, that makes you rethink your food intake?

You take a photo of someone or somewhere and it captures the moment. Has it ever occurred to you that the photo also captures YOU and your inner workings? Photography is more than just taking beautiful pictures. It can also lead you to discover and understand more about your emotions and even passion.

What is creativity? How does it feel like? How do you know you “have” creativity? How does the energy of creativity benefit you or the people around you?

Do you know you are unique? Do you dare to be unique? Our whole life, we are taught to blend in, to be like everyone else, to be normal. What if deep inside you know you are different from the rest?

Driven to find an affordable solution for her sensitive skin, Siti Sarah came up with her own skincare products and started Ola Natura without any business experience. Today, she single-handedly manages all aspects of her home-based business while carrying out the duties of a wife, mother and daughter.

What’s your first thought when seeing the words “Confess & Confront”? Does it come with certain perceptions and emotions?

What does your personal energy have to do with the Earth & Universal energies? How does your energy impact your well-being and affect your wellness? Have you ever thought about your mental and emotional energy? When you feel that getting through the day is a hassle, leaving you breathless or affecting your health or relationship, it is time to take a look at your energy.

Is it possible to connect with loved ones who have passed? What are some of the typical signs from the other dimensions?

What do you do when you feel disappointed with yourself? There are times when we wish we can see all the blind spots in our life to avoid making #mistakes and disappointments. Will knowing all the blind spots make us happier?

Do you, like many people, feel trapped in life? Are you tired of feeling anxious, depressed and unwell? How would you like to tap away your #anxiety, #depression, #fear and sadness? 

So what is the definition of #OCD ? What are the symptoms? What and how do people with OCD feel and think? What and how can we do our part to support people with OCD?

A woman wears many hats and plays multiple roles — which can include being a wife, daughter, sister, mother, daughter-in-law, head of family, entrepreneur and so on. With so many roles to juggle, is it possible to play each role well? Do you even have time to be YOU?

After her confinement ended, it took her only 2 months to successfully regain her abs. She then founded Yoga for Mums with the mission to empower women to be the best version of themselves through yoga, mindfulness and self-love.

Do you feel that the days are getting shorter? Does time seem to be going faster than before with you having to end the day with multiple incomplete #tasks?

A taboo subject worldwide, losing a baby is usually not discussed and many women do not receive the appropriate attention and emotional care needed to cope with such loss. Losing a pregnancy can affect a woman and her family for years, if not healed properly.

“Never Enough” – the song from The Greatest Showman was part of Christina’s anthem in life. Not one to feel that she’s enough until she realized she has hardly “approved” her #growth and celebrate. Let us dive in together to understand the importance of practicing self-approval.

Are you well-prepared if Covid-19 hits you or any of your family members? What to be mindful of if you are Covid positive, some important do’s and don’ts in a stay-at-home quarantine and how you can speed up your recovery process after a Covid-19 infection.

Some people struggle more than others to lose weight and this may have to do with the bacteria in their guts! Your gut plays an important role in your health as it regulates your digestion, immune system and also your mood. But your gut health can also have a physical effect on you — your weight.

It has been a beautiful journey for Christina this week learning and experiencing the true power of “Believe”. Do you believe that whatever life presents to us is for our highest good?

People-pleaser, empaths and codependents often put other people’s happiness and success first to the extent that they neglect their own physical, mental and emotional needs. As a result, they constantly feel depleted and stressed. Anger and low self-esteem often creep in too when they feel sorry for themselves. How can you care for yourself first?

Last week we exchanged views on how to break a negative loop. This week Christina will be sharing her personal experience in 3 simple steps to stay in Happy Vibes!

Do you know that no matter your age, having healthy eyes contributes to your overall health? If you’re a parent, do you know that your child’s eye health is vital for their learning? It is never too early to take care of your child’s vision and never too late to care for yours. Here are simple and easy exercises and tips for a healthy vision.

Feeling drown with #negativity with the current world events? How are you responding to #chaos? Do you intend to be the #calm one amidst the chaos? Let’s go through 3 steps together to breaking a negative loop for a happier us.

With fur parents being stressed out and anxious, do you know if it’s the same for furkids? Do your furkids display any unusual behavior during the pandemic? What are your pets trying to tell you through their behavior? Tips to keep your pets happy & energetic.

Can you tell a person’s emotions just by looking at their skin? Is it possible that there might be underlying emotional issues if one has skin conditions such as rashes, allergies, eczema, etc.?