Who We Are

The only positive living & holistic wellness magazine published in Malaysia. Our aim is to promote positive and holistically aware lifestyles. We provide healthy living tips and unique ideas to develop and maintain our readers’ inner peace – in their body, mind and soul.

We bring love & peace to each home, with our ‘love-filled’ articles. A step beyond normal reporting, each page of our magazine uplifts and inspires every reader to be the best they aspire to be.

Editorial Mission

In today’s fast-paced world, more people are becoming aware that there is more to life than just winning the rat race. This awareness is motivating individuals to constantly search for answers to satisfy their increasing need for love, peace and happiness in their lives. This growing trend amongst individuals all around the world to live balanced, healthy and peaceful lives continues to rise even after three decades of phenomenal growth.

In Malaysia, bodymindsoul is raising the bar in the Holistic Wellness sector by inspiring readers to integrate positive and healthy living tips into their daily lives. A quarterly magazine, our passionate team envisions to enhance awareness of these important topics. Written by local and international writers who are all specialists in their field, all content is unique to bodymindsoul magazine.

bodymindsoul magazine is filled with uplifting articles that nourishes body, mind and soul. Through a love-driven editorial policy, bodymindsoul wants to inspire hope, so that individuals can call upon their innate strength and power to face any situation in their lives. The magazine seeks to evoke our readers’ positive side, the side that is full of passion and power, so that they are empowered to live more fulfilling and wholesome lives.


Managing Director

“Dear Mother Earth, thank you for providing all that we need wherever we are. We love you, we love you, we love you!”


Chief Editor

“To the ever unconditionally loving Gaia, thank you for the blessings of abundance to all living things that reside on this planet. Always grateful, I love you.”


Managing Editor

“Dearest Mother Earth, Thank you for your providing, your giving and your loving that’s without measure, judgment or condition. That is forever patient.May all of your children learn to live this truth of your abundance, harmony and peace!”


Associate Publisher

“Dear Mother, I love you. You have provided us all with an abundance of blessings of food, shelter, comfort and companionship. My life has been blessed by the love of animals that surround me everyday.  They remind me how much you love me as I love them in return. I dedicate this Earth Day to you.”


Event Director


Account Manager

“Let’s embrace our Earth with love, peace & happiness. Make it a better place to live in. Be grateful to our Mother Gaia. Happy Earth Day to all!”


Promotions & Marketing Director

“Dear Mother of All, Gaia, you who supports and nourishes us with all You have. With your love and compassion, I aspire to live the fullest with every breath that I take because of you! I thank you and I love you!”


Senior Editor

“She gives unflinchingly, more than any human can. She loves us unconditionally. My eternal gratitude to Mother Earth for Her love and support. May we always remember how magnificient She is. Happy Earth Day to One and All!”


Senior Editor

“Dear fellow Earthlings, on this Earth Day, let’s share our love with each other as She shares Her Love with us, let’s lessen Her pain by respecting each other and giving back our love and light to Mother Earth, by respecting and treating Her well. Happy Earth Day 2018!”


Carnival Event Director

“Dear Mother Gaia, thank you for your unconditional love showering down on us through the air that we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the beautiful scenery we see. The time is NOW for us to “Heal The World, Make It A Better Place!”


Senior Event Manager

“If there is no Earth, there is no Us. Let us all treat Mother Earth with gratitude,  love and kindness, not just on Earth Day, but everyday!”


Event Coordinator

Thousands of years, you were around and even now you are still here. Through rain, sunshine, cold and other challenges, you embrace all and you are stronger than ever. Mother earth, the unconditional love you give us always gets greater and never lesser. Thank you!


Digital Marketing Manager

“My gratitude to Mother Gaia for your selfless giving. Supporting us as we walk upon you. Giving us care and guidance with your loving energy. Let’s give Gaia the same care and love She deserves. Happy Earth Day!”


Head Of Operations