Who We Are

The only positive living & holistic wellness magazine published in Malaysia. Our aim is to promote positive and holistically aware lifestyles. We provide healthy living tips and unique ideas to develop and maintain our readers’ inner peace – in their body, mind and soul.

We bring love & peace to each home, with our ‘love-filled’ articles. A step beyond normal reporting, each page of our magazine uplifts and inspires every reader to be the best they aspire to be.

Editorial Mission

In today’s fast-paced world, more people are becoming aware that there is more to life than just winning the rat race. This awareness is motivating individuals to constantly search for answers to satisfy their increasing need for love, peace and happiness in their lives. This growing trend amongst individuals all around the world to live balanced, healthy and peaceful lives continues to rise even after three decades of phenomenal growth.

In Malaysia, bodymindsoul is raising the bar in the Holistic Wellness sector by inspiring readers to integrate positive and healthy living tips into their daily lives. A quarterly magazine, our passionate team envisions to enhance awareness of these important topics. Written by local and international writers who are all specialists in their field, all content is unique to bodymindsoul magazine.

bodymindsoul magazine is filled with uplifting articles that nourishes body, mind and soul. Through a love-driven editorial policy, bodymindsoul wants to inspire hope, so that individuals can call upon their innate strength and power to face any situation in their lives. The magazine seeks to evoke our readers’ positive side, the side that is full of passion and power, so that they are empowered to live more fulfilling and wholesome lives.


Chief Editor

“Here’s wishing you a celebration of love with everyone meaningful in your life, from parents and friends, to your loving partner. Love has no bounds, this is a good time to show appreciation and gratitude for an everlasting connection with your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Managing Director


Managing Editor

“I wish for peace on Earth and love to all of humankind. That all conflicts will end, so that all of men , women and children everywhere, irrespective of color or creed, can breathe, eat, sleep and go about their lives in peace always.”


Event Director

“Loving yourself is the best and most valuable present that you can give yourself and others. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Marketing & Promotions Director

“I would love to celebrate Valentine’s Day everyday, what about you? It’s not about the act of celebration but the joy and love that we feel when are with our loved ones!”


Account Manager

“Love is like the air. It is within you and is surrounding you. You are love beings. Love, is everywhere. Life itself is a form of love with blessings. If you are aware of love like the air that you are breathing in and out every moment, then everyday, every moment you are in love. Celebrate your Valentine’s Day, every moment by knowing you are loved.”


Senior Editor

“Valentine’s Day is special as it’s a day to remind you that despite the hassles of daily life you have made time and will spend your energy on your loved ones for at least this day, and so I would like to wish you, readers, and remind you of  how special each and every one of you are to us, the team at bodymindsoul!”


Senior Editor

“Love is in the air. But is it in your heart? Open up, release unwanted dusty memories. Make your peace with the past. Spread your light to one and all. Not forgetting yourself. Love yourself too. For the more you accept yourself for who you are. The more love you have to shower on the world. May the month of February embrace you in pure Love.”


Senior Editor

“Once upon a time we were one. In unity of love we dwelled. No strife, no war, no discord
Only peace and love prevailed. In this season of hearts. Let us remember that time. Of harmony and oneness. Let’s join hands to work together. To create a better world for all.”


Digital Marketing Manager

“You always hold a special place in someone’s heart. Never doubt that. They are the ones who see you for who you are. May you share your greatest gift of love, this Valentine’s Day with everyone around you, especially those who love and believe in you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Associate Publisher


Head of Operations

“Life is a magical journey. We are all meant to be happy. We always have a CHOICE in life. Whenever we are unhappy, we can always CHOOSE to be at peace and forgiving of the other person who has hurt us. Wishing you, a life with lots of happiness and peace. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Event Coordinator

“Love, you accompany me always, day and night. Rain or shine. Without you, I am nobody. Happy Valentine’s Day, readers, may your life be full of Love!”


Event Coordinator

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not boast and is not proud. It does not dishonor others,  it keeps no records of wrong.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes and preserves. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Event Coordinator

“My Valentine’s wish would be for everyone to always choose LOVE over fear. Let LOVE guide and motivate you to break through your biggest fear and become a better version of yourself. LOVE yourself so much that you are emitting LOVE everywhere you go, and in return, attracting LOVE to yourself too. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Social Media Manager

“Here’s wishing you a celebration filled with lots of love and smiles. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Carnival Event Director

“Love is all around, all year long. On this special day that celebrates love, may you be blessed with unconditional love from within!”