The Undiscovered Science

“Science” and “Spirituality” are similar, except that science deals with the outer, objective world whilst spirituality deals with the inner, subjective world. Read on to understand the connection between these two special realms.

Journey To The Mystical Land Of Nepal

The mystical land of Nepal has beckoned many, extreme sports enthusiasts and spiritualists, alike, from different corners of the earth. It is often seen as one of the spiritual energetic centers of the world. Read here, of a beautiful journey of discovery, of the magic that is Nepal.

The Sanctuary Called Family

How much time or money do we actually spend on issues that affect our whole family in this day and age or do we spend it on ourselves or just the children? Read on for ways to build family structures which are wholesome and supportive without taking away an individual's self-worth.

Living From Your Heart

“Everyone has a heart, but not everyone knows how to use his or her heart. “ Yes, we are born with the heart but how many of us truly know how to “use” it in our daily lives?

Rise Like A Phoenix

Just when you thought you had started to make progress in your spiritual journey, along comes another set of challenges. Read on about why you need to go through this phase and how to do it before you are reborn.

No One Else I'd Rather Be

The road to self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love may sometimes be a long one, as there is usually pressure from society to look and behave in a certain way. However nothing beats being able to be happy with yourself, just the way you are!

The Power of Twin Flames

Many of us find that the relationship dynamics with the various people in our lives can often be challenging, and frustrating. This is more so if we are emotionally invested and connected to them. But indeed relationships are divinely necessary for humankind.

Valentine's Day Special : Heart Wide Open

All of us have at some point in our lives been hurt in some way by others. As a defensive response to the hurt feelings from these arduous relationships, we often times shield our hearts. Here, Luke shares how in the long run, it is better to keep your heart wide open.

Valentine's Day Special : Love, Lost & Found

What does it mean to love someone? How do we love someone? Are there different types of love or should all love be defined the same way? Bing Kuan shares his idea of what true love is.