Volume 8

A Magical Bridge

Once upon a time, a man stood at the edge of a very high cliff. This special cliff did not let you just turn around and go back, for there was no turning back. The man had two choices.

He could stay there for the rest of his life or move on beyond the cliff toward the mountain on the other side. The cliff symbolizes the crossroads of life where one is either stuck or takes a leap of faith to move forward despite not knowing what might happen.

Finally, he decided to do it. To simply take the leap of faith.

He stepped forward, trusting in his heart that life and the Universe were supporting him. As he stepped onto what he saw as just empty space, part of a bridge magically appeared under his foot! Feeling happy, he shouted with relief, “Hey, this is trust! This is faith! The Universe is with me!”

With each step forward, the magical bridge kept appearing under his feet. Everything seemed beautiful and good. Even when there were challenges, he kept reminding himself, “Don’t look back, just keep moving.”

Everything seemed perfectly bright and sunny. Suddenly, things changed. The sky darkened, and a storm rushed in. The man asked, “Hey, I’ve already made the choice to move, so why is the Universe putting me in this situation? I’ve done my part by trusting life. Where is the beautiful sky and why is it raining? Why can’t I see the bridge anymore?” It was difficult to see the small and narrow bridge up ahead. The man was worried as he really wanted to get to the mountain on the other side.

Despite his great fear and doubt, he didn’t give in. “Never mind. I will continue to trust…” He closed his eyes, followed his heart and kept walking forward. Miraculously, the bridge continued to form under his feet! He remained safe whilst moving forward on his journey, thus learning that trust was required on both sunny and stormy days. By just following his heart, he would eventually arrive victorious on top of his mountain.

Suddenly, the bridge became shaky. It felt as if it was about to collapse! “Since I trusted the Universe on sunny and rainy days, why should this happen now?” he worried. His only choice was to move ahead because it was too far to turn back.

Patiently, he took each step with his heart in the space of stillness and he landed safely on the bridge. His lesson was to continue with trust and faith, even when life was shaky.

Then, out of the blue on the next day, the bridge collapsed! The man tumbled all the way down into the ocean. Blaming the Universe, he asked, “Why? I did everything that I needed to. I trusted and held my faith. Why am I down here instead of up there on the bridge?”

And this is what happens to many people – they lose trust and doubt when things do not work out the way they had expected it to.

There was no other choice than to save himself. Pulling out from the ocean, he continued again on his journey up the mountain. But it was different this time. He progressed on to a higher height in his life. That became his ascension, moving to the next level of light, to finally arrive at the top of the mountain.

The story could continue endlessly. Because that’s what life is about – coming face to face with challenges and feeling fear, yet moving forward with trust and faith. And arriving at the top of one mountain, and the next mountain, and the next …

Lessons On Trust & Faith

  • Faith Is Unconditional Through Good & Bad

Trust and faith, like love, is unconditional. When you place conditions on your trust and faith, it can never be true trust and faith. Like the man in the story, you may not see the next step or that invisible bridge before you. Though you don’t know what will happen next, you still trust that there will always be something there for you.

During good times people say, “The Universe is with me because of the good things in my beautiful life.” On the other hand, they blame life and other people for bad situations because they can’t see the love in bad situations. 5 years later they may declare, “Without that bad situation, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am so proud to have gone through that experience.” The realization that it was a gift happens only after 5 years! In the meantime, they blame their brothers, sisters, parents, and the entire world.

See the goodness in each fall. Sometimes a person asks for A, and life gives him B because B serves him better. Instead he blames, and fails to trust. That’s when he doesn’t see. Life is like that.

  • Faith Is A Choice

When you make up your mind, you just walk with the Universe as if a guide is holding your hand. You cannot see it but you can feel love in every part of your life. That teaches you to have gratitude in your heart and appreciate life.

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