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It’s Not About The "A"s

High school life seemed like a pretty long time – 5 years – at an earlier point of school life, but as I approached the end of my high school years, I found myself asking, “What just happened?”

Create An Energy Protection Bubble In 5 Minutes!

Everything including your body is energy. Do you know that you can manage and protect your own energy to feel positive and enhance your well-being?

Earth Energy Prediction: JUL-SEP 2020

Changes and transformation are sweeping the Earth and its population - spiritually, socially, economically and politically. Old beliefs and systems will go and there’ll be a surge of awakening.
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Welcome To The New Earth

With all the changes happening in the world since the beginning of 2020, humans are being pushed to face ourselves. What can we do now?- 2 Min Read

Earth Energy Prediction: APR-JUN 2020

Get ready for the shift in reality that’s about to come. Don’t let your expectations limit your understanding, for the human journey is about learning to manifest and becoming limitless.

Return To Love ~ The Secret Of Finding True Love

The journey from the ego mind back to our hearts is the longest and toughest journey. Create our own unique connection with love that is unmistakable and unshakable.

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I love how bodymindsoul Magazine provides easy steps & tips to me when I was going through my emotion challenges. I feel it’s a reliable source that I can trust! Thank you.

Christina Teng, Malaysia

I personally love how the Magazine is rich with positive contents ranging from simple tips, readings to personal transformational stories which are very relatable. Definitely helped me in this journey of self-development! Love the magazine colourful designs too!

Mei Boh, Malaysia

Articles are written based on real-life experiences or challenges. I can easily identify with such shared experiences to events in my own life, making the advice and tips given therein easily understandable, practical and useful. Keep it up!

Vivien Loh, Malaysia

The colourful designs of the magazine bring out vibrant-feel. It is easy on the eyes and soothing. It is also easy to relate to the articles written as they are based on real-life experiences. It gives me meaningful insights on how to live a more fulfilling life! Thank you very much for publishing this magazine to the public and touch lives like it did to me. ❤️

Mei Kuan,Malaysia

If you have been searching for the best well-being magazine in the market, I would highly recommend bodymindsoul Magazine. It has so much uplifting articles and tips which you can apply and share with others straight away!

Carmen, Malaysia

I fell in love with this magazine as the design and content are full of positive vibes. Everytime when I feel loss and tired, reading it will help me gain back my energy and focus to keep moving on.

Tricia Ang, Malaysia

Amidst the chaotic world, bodymindsoul Magazine is simply the nutrition for me to stay calm and be peaceful in the eye of the storm. It uplifts every inch of my body, mind and soul!

Sean Yap, Malaysia

Your magazines are life changing as it allows one to focus on moving forward to a higher vibrational frequency. I am a believer in this so it didn’t create any doubts but instead expanded my awareness and knowledge further.
Throughout, it made me feel soul conscious and that I am walking on the right path.

Fatema, Malaysia

I came across this magazine about 3 months ago. In the moments that I have free time, I would read anything that I can get my hands on. But after going through this magazine, I can say that truly something very profound can be obtained from cover to cover of this wonderful magazine. Please keep up the good work!


I received a special “gift” from my colleague. I flipped through this “gift” and its contents caught my attention. Without realizing it, I had read the whole “gift” from beginning to end. It has inspired and motivated me to know more about myself and life. It has been a really fascinating and good explorative journey. That special gift is “bodymindsoul” Magazine 1st vol. If you read it, who knows? You may find your own treasure in it too :)!

Stacy L, Malaysia

This magazine reminds us of the fact that the human mind, body and soul are wonderful creations of the Divine. We often forget that the body, mind and soul, all three, need to be cherished, enjoyed and carefully nourished in order for us to reach our full potential in life. Reading the articles, enriched me. The magazine contained an interesting variety of topics, all useful and practical. I believe they serve as a reminder that all of us need to slow down our daily schedules and show more appreciation for life

R.M. , Malaysia

Hi Lucy. My name is Lucile and I just read your article “rising above tough times” and it really helped me! So I wanted to say thank you! It was a beautiful article.

Lucile, France

I was at a petrol station and something caught my eyes on their magazine rack, bodymindsoul. Interesting! Never seen such a magazine before and I just had to go to it, pick it up, and bring it home. I’m so happy I did! The content is wonderful and sometimes we just need these reminders in life to get on track with what’s within. Thank you bodymindsoul team. Keep on bringing us great content! We do need a good news magazine and now there is one. Looking forward to the next issue.

Jaspreet K, Malaysia

I chance upon your article in mind, body, soul magazine and I must say that this article is helping me in my healing a great deal. I am undergoing a marriage trauma and whenever I start negative thoughts I will read your article and it brings me back on my path again. Many times we might be aware of what you said in the article but fear and our own emotion often override our understanding. By keeping the article close by, it helps center myself again. Just want to drop a note of gratitude to you. May you continue to bless many people here.

Magenta S, Singapore

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