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Interview With International Metaphysical Master Umesh H. Nandwani

Vol. 1

Master Umesh Nandwani, who is from Singapore, is the founder of The Golden Space and principal of “Awaken ~ The Divine You”® Program. He is a Certified Master Trainer in Mind Power and Motivational Dynamics; Certified Master in Reiki Energy Healing; Certified Meditator and Counselor; Certified Stress Management Consultant, a Holistic Practitioner and Energy Therapist, operating a practice under his own company “ShivShakti Healing & Consultancy”.

He is an inspiring and motivational trainer. Participants of his programmes graduate to higher spiritual levels with increased self-realisation, enlightenment, becoming healthier, happier and more successful in life. He has been hard at work, inspiring thousands of people all over the world for the past ten years through his open, friendly and powerful communicative style.

We met up with Master Umesh recently while he was in Kuala Lumpur to hold the “Awaken ~ The Divine You”® Program. Here he shares his thoughts on Metaphysics, Masterhood, his mission and his plans.

1. Can you tell us what Metaphysics is and how Metaphysics can transform lives?
‘Meta’ means beyond and ‘physics’ refers to the physical so Metaphysics is anything that is beyond the physical.

Everything starts with spirituality first, which is non-physical. Even our soul, has to enter the baby’s body first before we come into our mother’s womb.

The soul is spiritual, it manifests and then only the baby is born. In the same way everything in life is first energy before it transforms into the physical form that we have.

With that understanding we can use energy to transform, reform, or create anything that we want. And so now we can transform our lives too using energy.

2. Dr Chopra talks about ‘contemporary synthesis of science and soul’, but many people see science and spirituality as opposites of each other. What is your opinion on this?
Science and spirituality work hand in hand. Take ourselves, we have a physical body but we also have a spiritual body. Science deals with our physical body and spirituality deals with our spiritual body.

Your emotions are not controlled by science but your physical body is. Yet science is now discovering metaphysics. As I said, we have both and we need both. We are physical expressions of Spirit.

Mind, body and spirit have to come together. If not, we cannot express ourselves as human. But everything starts with the Spirit.

3. General perception equates spirituality with religion but your programs espouse a non-religious and universal perspective. Why is that?
It is totally different. The Spirit does not belong to any religion. The Spirit is a Light Being. The light does not say that it’s an Indian Light, a Muslim Light, a Chinese Light, a Christian Light, or whatever. The Light, like the one in a bulb, just shines. It has no religion. It is free to evolve and free to express. Can you control light? It will shine any way it wants. And Spirit is Light.

Religion is a teaching, correct? Light is an expression. So spirituality is an ‘expression of the Spirit’. There’s nothing to teach. It’s not about following a teaching, it’s about Spirit and just being.

4. Your “Awaken ~ The Divine You” program is about Ascension and about attaining Masterhood. What does being a Master entail?
For me there are different categories of Masterhood. It is not only one thing. Masterhood first starts with self-mastery. This means realising yourself as a Master. Understanding everything about yourself; the mental, emotional, biological, spiritual, physical aspects of yourself. Then there is another category of Masters who are actually teachers; of spiritual and physical realities. So these teachers have attained self-mastery themselves and are now teaching people on the road to realise self-mastery. I am working on these two categories. Anyone can be a Master.

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5. Can one lead a normal family life as a Master? Is there sacrifice involved?
There is work to do to be a teacher to teach like me. I am hardly with my family. I am here to spread the love and light around the world through my teachings, so of course I have to sacrifice. But that does not mean that I don’t go home, or enjoy my physical reality. I still enjoy myself as a human being, and I also enjoy myself as a Spiritual Master, provided I know how to keep things balanced.

6. How do we know that we are pursuing the right path towards Self-Mastery?
Again it depends on the individual. How can you achieve self-mastery if you can’t be courageous? Things are sometimes hard. How can you teach other people if you haven’t even done it yourself? Then you would be a fake master, just reading books and talking. You have to walk the path, experience the pain, then you can explain to another person how to do it or give the other person a better way to do it. That’s how it is. Smile, just do it, that’s how you become a Master.

7. How do we tell the difference between genuine guidance and ego-guidance? Which one comes from the heart or the ego?
Your mind is sometimes over-protective. Your mind sometimes, stops you from achieving your goals. Sometimes your mind will tell you to do, sometimes it will tell you not to do.

But your heart will tell you what to do, if you follow your heart you will never go wrong because your heart is coming from your soul, your mind is coming from your ego. Follow your heart, not your ego. If you really want to do it, just do it. In the end, when you achieve that goal, you will get the best; wisdom. A Master is one who walks the path without any fear. You don’t have to listen to people. You listen to what YOU want to be and achieve in this life. That is a Master.

8. To put in a nutshell, what would you say is your mission?
My mission is simple; to help as many people as I can on this planet, raise the consciousness, raise the energy, raise the vibrations, bring people together so that we can have a beautiful life. For the future, for our kids and we will come back with a beautiful smile because you know what; if you are a Master you will smile!

I now have a student family from my programs around the world. I cannot achieve my mission until I help them achieve their mission. If I were to have my Master plan up and to achieve that plan, I would need Masters, right? I can only do so much as one person. So my aim is to get them to be Masters, to realise who they are. I don’t want them to be my followers or to pray to me. I want them to be together with me as one team. We make it together. At least don’t walk around blindly anymore! Be the special YOU whom you really are.

9. We heard that you have had a near-death experience, can you tell us something about that?
It was a beautiful experience. Three times at the seaside and once at the swimming pool. On all the occasions I nearly drowned but somehow one way or another, someone would save me and bring me back to life. The last time at the seaside, I remember, was at the Caribbean, Barbados. I know I swam very far. There was no way someone could save me. I gave up and went underwater.

One moment I was floundering and there was no one there, but somehow or other, someone was there. I know it was a God sent angel helping me, and I realised that my life purpose was to live again. It was not time for me to go. No doubt I wanted to go.

Another time I was hospitalised for six days. I went through depression, had diarrhoea, and was vomiting blood. I had an ulcer in my stomach. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t do anything. On the fourth day, suddenly I was out of my body. I saw the hall and my body lying there. I got a very big shock and started shouting and screaming.

The next thing I knew, boom! I went up somewhere. I saw an arch and a Divine Master was there. Some of whom I pray to, some of them, I don’t even know. They guided me and they showed me what they called ‘Home’.

I asked them questions and they showed me my life purpose. Who I am and what I am, why I had to go back to the planet and why my contract on this planet was not finished. I refused. I didn’t want to go back as I did not like the situation there. But for the contract and life purpose, I needed to go back. It was very hard for me to make it back down but I did.

Because I had to start everything from scratch again which was very tough. I knew that I was not ready for this but with hope and faith, they would guide me which they have done until today and I know they have been with me all this time and we have reached up to this level.

10. What are the things that inspire and empower you to keep moving forward in achieving and pursuing your life purpose and mission?

To see people transform, to see them getting clearer and better in their lives. I know every person I shift. I am helping them get better, I am also getting better in my life, because that person is a part of me.

11. What is your life motto?

No 1 – Always be authentic, there are a lot of fakes around calling themselves Masters

No 2 – Be positive

No 3 – Spread Love and Light

Most importantly, be your true divine self. That’s why ‘Awaken The Divine You’ has come, for me to awaken humanity to become who they are. The time has come for all of us to wake up.

12. One more question, a lot of people are suffering from unhappiness and unrest in their lives. What can they do to achieve love, peace and happiness in their lives?

It’s to discover who they really are. It’s the only way. There’s no other way to give you the once-and-for-all happiness. They are missing the biggest link, that is, they don’t even know who they are. They are walking with ego and just acting, but they are not being their authentic self. Once you get that, you will never say that you are not happy! Are you happy? I am.

13. What is your parting message for our readers?

Awaken the divine you. The time has come. Be positive, that’s it!

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