Are You Not Happy? Let's Make A Change

People who are happy will never think of making changes. And those who are unhappy will do either one of two things, that is, they will make the needed changes in their lives, or do not do anything and continue to feel trapped in their situations or emotions, or both. Which are you?

Your Story Can Change Your Life

Listen carefully to your own stories. Whether you shout them out or say them silently to yourself, they can manifest the things that happen in your future. Empower yourself with the right stories to create the fabulous life you want!

Bare Your True Self

When someone throws a challenge at you, do you dare to take it on? How do you handle challenges? Honestly, I don’t always say yes. Read on for some interesting tips to ride the challenge!

Rebooting The Mind With Positive Thoughts

Ever wondered why our brain is filled with a constant chatter of thoughts, beliefs, and memories, which are mostly negative, yet feels oddly right? Prafulla shares about the importance of having positive thoughts every day!

Love Is More Than An Emotion

How many times have you fought with loved ones, thrown angry words about and did a dramatic exit? Yet, even if you hold a cold war with them, eventually you do make up.

The ABCs of Listening To Your Heart

What does it mean to listen to your heart? Logically this doesn't quite make sense. But you must have heard this many times before. Bing Kuan speaks to your mind and heart as he shares simple steps to go about doing this.

Choosing To Be Happy

We can't change painful situations in the past but we can change how we feel about the situations. Learn more about how to manage your emotions, a practical living skill that would enhance our school curriculum!

Diamond Within

It’s 2018 - make the most of your new beginning! This year, dig deep within yourself to pull out the diamond that is your potential. Tap into the skills, abilities and strengths that you may yet discover by cultivating valuable habits that help the “True You” shine bright!

Unleash The Power Of Your Inner Leader!

The person you see in the mirror could be the one stopping you from being a leader. If that’s the case, it’s time to step up! Take that crucial step towards empowering yourself and be the leader that you are!