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Sometimes, when we embark on a project, there’s a stage where we feel stuck and unable to move forward. Or perhaps find a solution to a problem.

Many will give up and some will go for a walk or take some time out, at least for a while. Perhaps it is because there is too much in our heads, making it difficult to focus, or the ideas and solutions get muddled up with each other.

Often, we just have too much to do or are doing too much at the same time and can’t think clearly.

Multitasking Cuts Down On Efficiency

Could it also be because our brain capacity is limited and is only capable of doing one specific task at one time?

Scientists, in general, say that multitasking affects your performance. Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

Doing two things at once translates into your brain lacking the capacity to perform both tasks successfully. It works a little better if one task is so automatic that you can put more of your focus on the other task. Like driving and listening to music.

Researchers at the University of London have discovered something shockingly remarkable – multitasking lowers your IQ level. For example, the average male adult’s IQ is reduced to that of an 8 year old!

However, the stubborn human mind believes that by multi-tasking we can increase the amount of work we do. But perhaps this is a matter of satisfying our Ego.

So, how can we actually increase our body’s capacity of handling tasks? Or sort out ideas so we can see a clear solution to the problem, or even come up with different alternatives in the first place?

Steps To Get The Ball (Or Ideas/Solutions) Rolling

Read through before starting the exercise below:

  1. Start by finding a quiet place for meditation or contemplation. Sit quietly with your eyes closed.
  2. Breathe deeply in and out. Relax by imagining glorious white light coming in through the top of your head as you breathe in. Allow worries and anxiety to flow out with each breath that leaves you.
  3. Reflect on what you would need to get yourself moving forward. When you have your answer, look at the suggestions below and pick the relevant choice.

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If you can’t seem to see the alternative solutions to the issue, here’s what you can do.

Imagine yourself sitting within a sphere. It has a smooth curved surface that contains all 360 degrees of possibilities or choices within a three dimensional space.

It has a center point. From there, all the choices that all the directions bring can be seen. The sphere “gets the ball rolling”, so it’s a good shape to use to ensure a smooth transition for an idea or belief.

When choices seem to be limited, the sphere aids in creating a more balanced outcome. Enhance your limitless potential by calling or adding in colors.

  • If you’re feeling stuck and there’s a sense of heaviness, spend a few minutes within a red sphere to create activity and stimulate unlimited action.
  • Should you feel the need for change and need your choices to gel together with the least resistance, use an orange sphere.
  • Lack of clarity can be healed with the color yellow so a yellow sphere can help enhance intuition as well as logical and analytical decisions.
  • If you are being affected by a specific situation that is out of your control, in different ways or different aspects, you might require a green sphere.
  • Call upon a blue sphere if you need to express yourself, communicate and get the message across in creative ways.
  • Purple spheres encourage wise and psychic choices.
  • A white sphere enhances your connection with the Divine in 360 degrees.
  1. Listen to your intuition. If you are feeling more confident and energized, you can open your eyes and stretch your body. Go back to your work or continue another day.

Do the meditation once a day until you feel confident to make a decision, to take action or move forward and complete your task or project.

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Rose Wong is a energetic healer, speaker, counseling psychologist and writer who believes that as we create our reality there is always room and time for transformation. Rose has conducted inspirational workshops all over South-East Asia and North America. As part of her service to humanity, Rose also creates energetic oil blends and candles and specializes in shamanic healing. Contact her at