How Do You Feel About Your Goals?

Achieving goals and manifesting desires have always been hot topics.

We often create intentionally by putting time, energy and our hearts into a particular goal. By the way, whether you like it or not, you are also constantly creating unintentionally.

For now, let’s take a closer look at those goals and dreams that we set. Here’s my first question to you – how do you feel once you’ve achieved your goals? These may have been tough and they may have taken ages to achieve.

Do you feel ecstatic, joyful, happy and satisfied? Or is it usually a feeling of disappointment, a letdown and lack of satisfaction? Or don’t you feel anything at all?

Sometimes, when I congratulate friends on their successes, they shrug their shoulders. Owning a lucrative company that they had dreamt of in younger days seems to no longer mean much. Their “It’s no big deal,” accompanied by rather depressing energy says a lot.

Likewise, some return from much awaited holidays feeling a tad disappointed. Despite the stunning photos on social media, it wasn’t totally a magical experience.

Then there are more “serious” examples. You would have met people who tell you they want to be married by a certain age. The starry-eyed starts occasionally finish with moans about being with the wrong partner. You can’t but help feel for them.

The question would then be – how do you come up with meaningful goals? How do you ensure that your creation resonates with you? Not just with your worldly needs, but also with your soul.

Is This Really What You Want?

Let’s look at one area in life – work. Over the years, I’ve worked on countless projects as I explore and expand on my skill sets. From editing, writing, organizing events, media work, training and finally to energy healing. 

Given the wide range of things I’ve dabbled in, here’s the one thing that I can tell you with 100% certainty.

You may take something on because it will look good on your resume. Or because it brings in big bucks. Or it allows you to hobnob with the who’s who in the industry. The fact is that only some projects will make you smile.

When the project/goal/dream is right for you, your body cells burst with excitement. Ideas flow in effortlessly from all directions. People walk in with offers to help. The universe is clearly on your side.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that it will be a walk in the park. Happy farmers still have to sweat it out under the blazing sun. It’s just that even if that project doesn’t win you an award, you will do it willingly, without having anyone cajoling you. That is how inspired you would be – End Of Part 1

Don’t forget to come back for Part 2, next week – 5 Signs Of Happy Goals (Worldly Goals That Make You Happy – Part 2)!

Sheela Prabhakaran is a writer and trainer who has a keen interest in people and nature. Her career started out in publishing followed by many years in Corporate Communication. Over time she has reached out to people of all walks of life through copywriting, writing books and articles. Her training experience includes Business English and Communication. She has embarked on an exciting new spiritual journey which sees her exploring more ways to share ideas on leading a healthier and happier life. She can be reached at