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Year Of Enchantment & Elevation
Volume 35

Incoming Rabbits

A few months before I started tuning in to the energies for 2023, I started seeing rabbits everywhere — on the side of the road, at the cemetery, in passing cars, and on TV ads — but I didn’t make the full connection between the signs and the signals. I share this only because I feel the energy will be much more subtle and filled with layers of meanings and messages as we move through the year.

It took me a minute to register that I was being prepared for the Rabbit Year without realizing it! You may also need this as a reminder, early in the year, to not overlook the signs that Spirit places in front of you. Because, just like a rabbit, once those signs “hop” away, it becomes very tricky to pin them down again.

Jade Rabbit & Easter Bunny

The rabbit is a popular mythical and symbolic creature in folklore around the world. In Eastern culture, one of the most well-known stories belongs to the Jade Rabbit, who keeps Chang’e company on the Moon and mixes the elixir of life for the immortals.

There are also Native and Central American stories that portray this little creature as a trickster spirit coming to earth to teach us various lessons.

And, of course, the classic Easter Bunny of Western tradition sees the world celebrating with tons of chocolate eggs every year.

The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Sign

According to traditional Chinese texts, we are about to enter the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit. In the Chinese Five Element Theory, each of the 12 zodiac animals is associated with a specific element — metal, wood, water, fire or earth. A person’s character and temperament are believed to be influenced by their animal and element. A yin water year also represents a year of internal processing, assimilation and knowledge and with one being more receptive, sensitive and open.

There are so many different traits of this fluffy furball that we can focus on for the year, being mindful that each zodiac sign has both positive and negative influences.

According to the Chinese zodiac, those born under the Water Rabbit can get along well with people and are amiable, loving, kind, compassionate, artistic and flexible.

If you are an Earth Rabbit, you would be all the above but would come across as more ambitious, direct and conservative. There are always subtle nuances within a zodiac year, and the element determines the impact it will have.

The other zodiac Rabbit years and elements are found in the table below. We have also just experienced a turbulent and energetic Water Tiger year in 2022, so the yin or feminine energy is still present but in a much gentler way.

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The Energy Of 7

The Rabbit Year is a harbinger of more calmness, serenity, spiritual evolution and reflection. At the same time, things will also happen quickly and spontaneously. It is a year where you can make amends, heal more deeply from past conflict and understand the wisdom of life’s lessons. I will briefly touch on how this links beautifully with the numerology of 2023, which holds the energy of 7.

The “7” Year brings a time of introspection, observation and intuition. We are likely to take a step back and reflect on the past, how far we have come, and what we still need to accomplish.

While there will be movement and change, it will be more subtle and focused. We will not benefit from rushing into action and following just any idea down the proverbial “rabbit hole”. If we do, we risk becoming quite stuck, disillusioned and isolated from others.

Therefore, the Water Rabbit of a “7” Year is the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into your soul’s purpose and spiritual practices. Just as the rabbit uses his burrow for safety, rest and reprieve, this deep contemplative theme can help you release any patterns of victimhood you may have experienced.

So, if you are feeling confused, bitter, stuck, or just downhearted and unsure what to do next as we start the year, then Rabbit can help you find the light and bring back the bounce in your step again.

“Spirabbitually” Speaking

The rabbit is a truly magical creature and is often depicted as one of the main spirit animals to greet you if you do meditation, astral work, shamanic journeys, goddess and fairy work, etc.

If you need any inspiration for new ideas and projects, then the goddess Ostara works closely with bunnies and is part of the ancient Easter story too. In ancient Egypt, there were hieroglyphics of a rabbit-headed goddess, Unut, who worked closely with the cycles of the moon and conception.

Rabbits were sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and were associated with shattering the sun in Native American myths. And perhaps the rabbit’s most famous appearance was at tea parties with Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Bunnies symbolize, amongst other things, fertility, abundance, skillfulness, wit, and also fear, shyness or indecisiveness. To make the most of the year ahead, I suggest you study the characteristics of bunnies to better understand their workings in your life — especially if it is your totem animal or Chinese zodiac sign.

For example, rabbits are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dusk and dawn; hence, you need to take advantage of certain times in your day when you will have more energy than at other times. Get a lot of rest between big tasks and watch your diet.

Like our furry friends, you would do better to eat lighter meals more frequently. It could also be a good year to look at what nutrition means to you and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. I’ve heard rabbits eat their own droppings too, bringing in a great force of accountability by cleaning up our own mess and lives.

Rabbits are also quite noisy when provoked, cornered or in pain, even though they are perceived as stealthy and timid. So, make sure you are being heard and voicing what’s important to you before it’s too late.

Incidentally, did you know that a litter of baby bunnies is called a litter of kittens? Rabbits give birth to as many as six litters of kittens a year. So, look ahead to tackling multiple projects or tasks, working behind the scenes until they are ready to be birthed into the world.

Usually, when a rabbit shows up in your life or you have it as a spirit animal, you will begin to see the cycle of 28 days start to manifest in your life. This reinforces the lunar cycle themes associated with the Rabbit. It is a year when pregnancies will be on the rise, and even the animal and plant kingdoms will bloom more readily and increase in size.

The Rabbit’s Gift

All in all, the rabbit is an exceptional creature with many lessons to share. As a child, one of my favorite stories was “Alice in Wonderland”, where the main character, Alice, followed a little white rabbit down into his burrow and experienced the adventure of a lifetime.

If we read closely into the story, we can see how it is a metaphor for discovering and empowering our true selves — but only once we have embarked on the inner journey and are ready to wake up. The journey of spiritual growth and evolution is the greatest adventure of all.

I wholeheartedly invite you to come with me and follow the magical Yin Water Rabbit this year, and see how much the spiritual evolution journey will restore and enchant you. But, most of all, it will empower you when you hop out the other side of this year!

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Nadine Rosin is a spiritual mentor, advisor, deep thinker, writer and speaker. Being a compassionate claircognizant and sacred wisdom keeper, she integrates a diverse range of healing modalities fusing Eastern and Western teachings in her counselling sessions. Part of her purpose is striving to help others overcome their suffering and reconnect with their true natures. Just like the seasons we are not static creatures and the very nature of our being is to continue evolving. If you share Nadine’s passion in mindfulness and wellness, you can reach out to her at or discover more through her Facebook page Global Gypsey Events.