Whales have taught me a thing or two. I have found that I understand myself better when I meet myself in the depths of silent observation.

“Highly aware people speak of ‘growing’, and they look for an expansion of their life and vision. Rarely do you hear about ‘deepening’, and yet this is an equally important process in which you become a more complex, more engaged person” – Thomas Moore, “Care of The Soul”

The Silent Journey Into The Depths

When I remember this Thomas Moore quote, I imagine whales diving deep into the oceans.

I then see myself dive deep into the awareness of my body, listening to what my body tells me about me. In doing so, I meet myself, and get to know who I am – that cantankerous me; that stubborn me; that lovable me; that child-like me; that silly me; that impatient me.

I silent myself and listen… checking in with my bodily sensations, my thoughts, and my emotions. And I watch these activities, without judgment.

How To Deepen Your Vision Of You

If you’d like, you too can deepen your understanding of your life. With understanding comes clarity, resolution and mastery.

How do you “deepen” so that you see yourself more clearly?

  • Constantly reflect on the deeper meaning of what you experience. For example, what is your most difficult relationship telling you about what you need to change?
  • Connect with the breath, and the body, to gain access to your inner wisdom.
  • Go into the silence within; trust you have the answers inside.
  • Listen to your body, your organs and your cells as they can guide you towards what’s best for you.
  • Learn to observe the events of our life symbolically, act detachedly and not take unhappy events personally.
  • Develop the habit to investigate your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and not jump to conclusions too quickly without proper contemplation.
  • Face your fears and work through them, instead of numbing and hiding them through addictions such as food, alcohol or drugs.
  • Release judgment and practice forgiving.
  • Know that despite whatever negative emotions you are caught in, you can always choose a happier, joyful thought.
  • Engage with the creative force within, and express it through your work, music, art and your daily life.

Khema-Yen is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, a Colourfool Creative Coach, a Reiki Master, a Reference Point Therapy practitioner, a Zenna Tai practitioner, a Mandala Journeying facilitator and a Cellular Metamorphosis practitioner and trainer. She specializes in Cellular Archetypal ReOrientation, helping clients to discover their archetypal patterns and myths, deep inside the dungeons of their unconscious mind. Khema-Yen can be reached at khemayen@yahoo.com