Live Passionately! Live Successfully!

Do you feel like giving up on your dream because it seems difficult to achieve? Do you feel reluctant to dream the impossible anymore? Before you throw the towel in, find out how your soul passion can power your dreams towards victory.

Embarking On The Greatest Journey Of Your Life

The greatest journey of your life is the journey into your heart. It is going back to who you were at the beginning of your time on this planet, before the mind and the world of thought got in the way. You were born ‘in’ your heart, which is your real Home.

How To Make Your Organization Flourish In The New Age

Transforming your organization today to greater heights of success takes more than processes or skills. It is about owning the new reality of how organizations must see themselves and how they see their people.

Self-Love. The Greatest Love Of All

Do you love yourself enough to create great relationships? Contrary to what many people believe, loving yourself is neither selfish nor a bad thing. It is in fact the first step on learning how to truly love and improve your relationships.

Unplug Your Anger

Anger is one of the most powerful human emotions. It can affect your health, relationships and environment. Here is a simple 4-step strategy to help restore the emotional balance.

Can “Pokemon Go” Improve Lives?

Who would have guessed that one app on a handheld device could cause such a stir? Within a few days of its release, people were either praising it on social media or vowing to uninstall it out of their lives for good.

Janine Lee’s Book Review: ‘MY JOURNEY TOWARDS LIGHT’

All kinds of conflicting emotions ran through me as I read this book, when she discovered that her husband loved someone else, I felt like I could almost feel all my fears coming back, of being in the same situation, like a claw squeezing my heart so that for a few seconds I found it difficult to breathe.

You Get What You Get And You Don't Get Upset!

I have come to realize that it holds great spiritual truth in its simplicity. Imagine if we all received things in life with gratitude rather than focusing on our unmet expectations and judgmental views?

The Earth Connection

When you place yourself in contact with a huge electromagnetic energy mass that is the Earth, or with nature, you intentionally or otherwise, facilitate a connection with Her. It is our natural state to be grounded to Mother Earth.