And Why People Hug Trees
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What Does It Mean To Connect With Mother Earth
Do you feel an instant boost of energy or feel emotionally better after taking a walk in the park or even when you are walking among books in a library or in a bookshop? Books, although not many people think of it this way, were once part of trees, a natural resource. When you place yourself in contact with a huge electromagnetic energy mass that is the Earth, or with nature, you intentionally or otherwise, facilitate a connection with Her. It is our natural state to be grounded to Mother Earth. Our electrically conducive bodies become more stable and balanced, i.e. we feel better. You can also do this if you need to heal yourself. Or perhaps, you just want to feel more relaxed and balanced. Being grounded is about making a harmonious connection with Mother Earth’s energy. It is also a process of bringing your awareness into balance with your body in the present moment.

How Or Why It Works
As mentioned before, our bodies are big electrical conductors, hence, when you ground yourself, you are equalizing your body to the same electrical energy level as the Earth. And you, as a human being, are a large part of the Earth. The energy flow in our bodies are affected by many things, for example toxins in our food and lifeless food (meat), parasites and infections, negative thoughts and emotions. At the physical level, the energy supply to our important organs can be disrupted causing our bodies to be less defensive against attacks from viruses and bacteria and thus lowering our immunity against infections and diseases. On the mental, emotional and spiritual level, the health of our energy system or bio field is affected by stressful and negative thinking. The depression that may result from this, or a state of prolonged stress resulting from this puts the body in constant fight or flight mode, gradually suppressing our immune system and causing a variety of negative psychological and physiological problems.

This is similar to the electricity in your home, when not grounded; it is an unstable form of energy that is highly unusable. Energy like electricity, needs to be grounded and in this form will act as an important resource or energy reservoir for us to utilize which will enable us to focus on our health and goals in life. Without this infinite source of energy which is connected to Mother Earth, we eventually deplete our energy mentally, physically and spiritually and will find it difficult to move forward to achieve our dreams. We become tired, feel hopeless, fearful, fragmented and disillusioned. Some of us will try to sustain our energy by using excessive mental effort, caffeine or even drugs, however the resulting over-excited frenetic energy does not last and is only a short-term ‘solution’.

Grounding also serves as a first step towards healing, which requires additional elements to come into play. Grounding can lead to centering and then on to an expansion of mind, body and soul. There are other ways to ground yourself, for example, exercise, which moves the energy through your body. But the quickest and most pleasant way to do it is to connect with Mother Earth. Connecting with Mother Earth creates a sense of security, like being in a warm, safe blanket, and is relaxing and calming to the mind, body and soul. It feels like we are Home, where we belong, where it is safe and comforting. The wonderful thing is that it is reciprocal and makes our true authentic selves feel alive, we are participating and contributing in the new consciousness of Mother Earth.

You can also heal the Earth, and work with the Earth to heal yourself. By doing this, you will also affect the Earth’s consciousness. Many spiritual paths believe that the Earth is one of the elements that assisted (or was used) in the Creation of the human body or our physical self. We are, as mentioned earlier, part of Mother Earth.

Other Benefits Of Grounding
Life’s challenges, even everyday hassles often foster negative thinking, which causes your energy systems to be disrupted, which in turn, manifest as physical illnesses and disorders. When you get anxious, for example, do you notice that your insides feel knotted up and soon you may even feel a stomach ache. Grounding and earth healing help to diffuse the blocked energies, so you don’t actually develop something more serious like stomach ulcer, for example. You can also work on disorders that are currently present.

Grounding or ‘earthing’ to borrow a buzzword, clarifies your thoughts, realigns the energies running in your body and makes it possible to manifest what you want in your life. So when you engage in any creative visualization exercise or manifestation exercise, grounding is a good start. Most rudimentary meditation classes also teach grounding as the first step. When you feel emotional towards something, you form an attachment with that thing and you lose energy as you will inadvertently send energy to it. Thus, often, the less attachments you have, the more grounded you become.

Being in nature connects us back to our roots and beginnings. It reminds us of the important things in life, it offers us learning opportunities on how fellow creatures live naturally without the influence of man-made issues and artifacts. As you connect with the center of the Earth you will realize for yourself the magnitude of your relationship with Mother Earth, how your body responds to the Earth energies. Releasing negative energies to the Earth and receiving positive energy in return can help cure a variety of physiological and psychological problems. The one part of nature that is always connected to Mother Earth are trees! They are literally rooted in Her. When you hug a tree and release unwanted energies, you are forming a strong attachment with a powerful energy antenna. And thus that is why people hug trees!

A Simple Grounding Exercise
The following exercise is meant as a guide, so after trying it out, feel free to modify it to suit your passion. . .

1) Find a place where you can stand or sit quietly and where you feel the strongest connection to Mother Earth. Usually it is best to be in direct connection to the Earth like being barefoot on bare soil or on grass. But if you don’t have access to that at the moment, sit, lie or stand on the floor or ground or sit in a chair with both your feet on the ground.

2) Close your eyes and relax, breathe gently and deeply, at a comfortable rate. Breathe in for 6 counts, and hold it for another six, release your breath for six counts and relax for another six. Repeat until it becomes more natural. As you release your breath, each time, release the tension from the top of your body down to your toes, part by part.

3) Bring your awareness or focus to gently rest behind your eyes and breathe normally.

4) When ready, invite loving, green earth energy to flow up from the very center of the Earth, moving it gently through your feet and legs and throughout your body and aura.

5) Feel the moist soil and leafy tendrils, gently wrap around your mind and heart. Focus on the rich, nourishing presence of our Earth’s body. Rest in Mother Earth’s nurturing energy for a few minutes.

6) See the beautiful green energy form a column inside you from the top of your head to your tailbone into the ground like roots from a tree. Focus your awareness on making this column of light strong and balanced, feel the energy radiate from it, keeping you centered and focused.

7) Send love and thank Mother Earth for her support and your body for being willing to explore.

8) When you are ready, return your awareness to your surroundings. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Open your eyes and gently stretch.

9) If you wish to, reflect on your experience, check in with yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
What do you notice? What has changed? What has shifted?

Rose Wong is an empowering holistic healer and speaker with 15 years of experience in the psycho-education field. Her life’s work and light work with young adults and women in particular, has impacted lives across Southeast Asia and North America; inspiring her to continue to be in service to humanity for as long as possible. Rose shares her love for Gaia and all beings through her work with the Curanderos and Peruvian healing arts. Rose can be contacted at