Volume 10

Who would have guessed that one app on a handheld device could cause such a stir? Within a few days of its release, people were either praising it on social media or vowing to uninstall it out of their lives for good. This game has unintentionally created some good and bad effects.

What’s most surprising is that it has proved to be a tool that could offer various health benefits. For one, players with mental health issues have finally found a reason to spend time outdoors, reported BuzzFeed. These included those with mild to moderate cases of anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia.

18-year-old Ari had been terrified to leave her house for the past three years due to anxiety and depression. All of that changed when she started to play Pokemon Go. Glued to the game, without realizing it, she was soon willingly walking out of the comfort of her home. She stayed out for hours. Much to her amazement, it dawned on her that she had enjoyed it. The rush of dopamine that came with the capture of characters encouraged her to keep going.

Another group of people looked up from their game to acknowledge the emotional comfort they were experiencing out in nature. On top of that, the game has also brought people together. Families spend time bonding outside and in some cases couples have reported that it gave them something new to talk about! The sense of belonging it invokes has positively impacted emotional and mental health.

Of course, the not-so-desirable effects are there. Those who have been too focused on the game whilst driving or walking around have been involved in accidents. At the end of the day, as for all other games, you need to ask yourself how much of your life you really want to spend on it and if you are playing it in a safe manner.