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As you may have noticed, in the past decade we have been experiencing the hottest days in our recorded history, along with so many other obvious effects of global warming that have now become common and regular occurrences. Ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, deadly wildfires are burning, micro plastics pollution are everywhere, and so many others happening. The very survival of our ecosystem is being threatened and put at risk, including the latest pandemic of COVID-19.

With what we are experiencing right now, there is no turning back to what we were before. Finally, we human beings are being pushed into the frontline to face the real situation, to answer the questions:

“What is the most important thing in your life?”

“What is the purpose of your being?”

“Why are you here on this Planet Earth?”

The Great Transformation
Everything that is no longer working has to go; everything that is not built with integrity will need to be rebuilt, reset and realigned.

That is the energy of 2020, the year of Great Transformation!

2+0+2+0 = 4

Number four in numerology carries the energy of the Earth, structure and foundation. We are now on Ground Zero creating a solid foundation upon which we are going to rebuild our life! To enter this discussion, we need to understand where we are right now in the Cosmic Alignment and how our earth’s movements relate to our situation.

One thing we already know is the Earth’s rotation toward its own axis which creates day and night completing 1 cycle in 24 hours. The second movement is the revolution when the Earth spirals around the sun which creates 4 seasons completing 1 cycle in 365 days. The third movement is the precession of the equinox, where earth spiraling our Central Sun completes 1 cycle in 25.920 years. Every spiraling movement of our earth holds important information and in every cycle there is an ongoing evolution of consciousness as we fall asleep and awake, just from night to daylight, winter to summer, 2 opposite polarities spiraling infinitely.

According to the Ancient Calendar, 2012 marks the end of Fallen Asleep era, the half cycle of our precession of the equinox, heralding the arrival of the Golden Age. In this stage we are getting closer to our Central Sun, where a great amount of Light now is reaching us, giving a higher vibration and information triggering a global spiritual ascension. As you know, ascension itself means moving toward the Light, so in this process we are moving into a higher vibration where there will be a shift in energetic frequency and also various physical symptoms like those we are experiencing right now.

So What We Can Do For Our Earth?
Actually we can do a lot more than what we know! Every living being that lives on this planet is directly connected to our mother earth. Our electromagnetic field is always connected with her, gravitation that makes us stand on our ground is just one of the evidence of it. We are giving and receiving energy, information, memories, and consciousness all the time with her. We, humans are the children that come from Mother Earth. All of our elements in our body are coming from the explosion of the death star, the stardust that together with Earth created new beings, human, us.

Light in the essence is very light and bright. Darkness on the other hand, is a heavy matter. If we want to align with Mother Earth in this process of ascension, we need to let go of anything that pulls us down and makes us heavy. It could be our anger because we can’t forgive someone who has hurt us; it could be our deepest pain and sadness that makes us feel unworthy; it could be our fear for the unknown that make us not trust the Love and so many other low vibrations that are holding us back from moving forward into The Light. Because when we become lighter, Mother Earth also becomes lighter. When we heal ourselves, we are healing Mother Earth directly. We need to realign our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies to be able to receive the new light frequencies.

Make The Change
For those who are here right now on Planet Earth, we have a choice to make a change! Every living being that is here on Earth, each one of us carries special energy just for her. This is what we have been waiting for and this is why we are coming here to our loving Planet Earth! It’s time for the uprising of love and light, so let’s align with her, become one with the Cosmic energy and let’s evolve together!

Micheala Anggono is a Certified Meditation Instructor at The Golden Space, providing self-healing sessions on how to transform sexual energy from desire into a higher level of consciousness. All her life she has been longing to come back home and whilst taking the program “Awaken ~ The Divine You®”, she discovered that the answer to her calling resides in her own heart, when she opens up her heart so big and surrender in her own vulnerability, that is when the magic happens! Through a deep ecstatic state that comes from the heart, we can enter a unity consciousness where everything merges into one. She is developing a workshop called “The Secrets of Sex Magic” where she unravels how to be fully engaged physically, mentally and spiritually with yourself in the pure bliss of infinite love. Connect with Micheala at