Volume 24

How Events Manifest From Our Thoughts

Forward timeline is influenced by the current of quantum energy flow that constantly carries potentials of events embedded inside the space-time continuum. These potentials of events are projected through the higher  dimensions, carried by the quantum river clustering as a 3rd dimension event. It’s like how gaseous water vapor (fine water molecules) condenses to form raindrops and the raindrops gather to flow as rivers.

Our thoughts serve as seeds that attract vibrations to become our manifest reality, like how dust particles in the air gather gaseous water to become liquid water. It’s important to realize how our mind can shape reality. We manifest our thoughts into reality when we put our intention together in the right conditions, just like how water vapor, condensing around dust particles, becomes rain in the right conditions. This applies to both good and bad thoughts. When environmental conditions are right, our thoughts attract situations that support the vibrations of the thoughts.

Keep A Neutral Perspective

So, although there seem to be “unfavorable” quantum potentials, included in this reading, do however keep a neutral mind for reading this 2020 quarterly forecast. Don’t let your expectations limit your understanding, for the human journey is about learning to manifest and becoming limitless.

Humanity At The Break Of Dawn

Humanity collectively is at the break of dawn. This means that lots of changes will be forced onto systems within a very short time. We are speaking of a few months. For those who are always in their comfort zone, it will feel like the world is turning upside down. Worldwide, there will be much stress and confusion building up at this point. Some people, including famous personalities have already gone “crazy” after the galactic wave of light hit the surface in February.

In 2020, many old systems will begin to collapse before our eyes. Without correcting what’s not working, most people will instinctively try to “save” those systems. But such attempts will cause problems to persist or even escalate. This is because people often react to outside situations and try quick fixes without looking inward and fixing what’s inside. This will happen to big corporations: so, do check with your Human Resource Department to understand the level of severity from a larger viewpoint. The future is going to be fine, you just need to get through 2020 (or latest before June 2021). Don’t panic!

Restlessness is everywhere: the “thinkers” will have problems sleeping while the “feelers” will have anxiety issues.

Reality Shift

Many will experience a Reality Shift because of the space-time flux in March e.g. where your feelings for a cause may even shift overnight. This is different from a mood swing. A mood swing affects only your mood and experience. Reality Shift is when you may just pick up a new liking or preference, or you pick up a mood and belief which causes your life direction to shift. A Reality Shift will shift our worldview toward a macro perspective, it’s happening right now. Did you notice people trying to catch up with old feelings during this Chinese New Year of 2020, but couldn’t?

This Reality Shift will speed up as we get closer to June. Familiar things will no longer bring on the same old feelings. In a Reality Shift, we will need to stay centered. Remember to clear your emotions before you work things out when situations get “out of control”.

Most companies especially the established ones, will be challenged with dilemmas of misalignment in work groups – financial blockages, fights over money, disagreements, differing ideas, confusion, etc.

New Paradigms

So let us be clear: 2020 will be a year that old structures (the pyramid base) will be challenged. The usual ways of finding solutions will not work anymore if the solutions aren’t supported by people’s hearts or by the Universe.

Say, if you want your employee to perform but 20% of your intention is to manipulate him into doing so with sweet words, then that 20% darkness will cost you a karmic experience almost straight away. In the coming days, you need genuine hearts to build your paradigm.


Covid-19 will become a pandemic that will affect country by country.

Lightworkers: Focus on healing people of fear and trauma. Work on group or mass meditations to help clear the virus. Healers should make a presence in the internet. Consult for people. Clear your homes thoroughly and guard them with grounding crystals at the four corners (black tourmaline, obsidian, shungite).

If you can pick up remote healing, you will be able to help many people heal from many problems, from home. Just learn to meditate, charge yourself with Universal Light, and visualize yourself becoming brighter. You will see how helpful this is. All it takes is clear intention and stillness.

Matrix: Quarantines in Malaysia, Taiwan and many more countries. Things start to escalate but the masses will start to see the good side – despite fear and anxiety, people are at home connecting with families. Relax, spend less, break away from the madness and experience what’s truly important. It’s advisable you give yourself some space from everyone else.


Lightworkers: Find ways to contribute to the situation which is to awaken to the full truth of what our world is. Use the Violet Flame to clear negative energy.

Matrix: The awakening ones will start to differentiate from the norm. The fearful will be more and more limited by their anxieties and fears. The more heart-based you are, the more you will realize that you have much more energy reserve than those who live in fear.


Big things will happen, along with confusing media reports. Things will start to surface and become clear to the vigilant. By this time the reality of the world will already be shifting. There will be 2 groups of people: the functional heart-based people and the dysfunctional fear-based people. Everywhere things will start to stir politically, financially and in terms of well-being. Likely by this time the viral pandemic will be controlled or even cleared. It’s not only important to stay centered, but it’s a must to learn to release emotions. The truth will reveal itself in the news and people will get really angry.

Lightworkers: Gain exposure. It’s a good time to ready or polish your skills and build your healing centers. The Universe will start to channel people to your centers. The world will likely have some upheaval, so you’ll need to teach people how to clear their emotions and use light. Join forces with different Lightworkers, as the world will call upon you lightworkers for your services.

Matrix: The physical matrix will be exposed, it’s like searing in the beam. When silver and gold prices rise at the same time (a sign), then an economic crisis is imminent. Invest in physical silver and gold to preserve wealth. A vaccine will be released but with a slight side-effect. People might get fed up and impatient if the light grid ratio fails to balance. People will need to shift to a more love-based reality, learn to calm the mind and live in the now.

The whole energetic alignment of 2020 will cause us to discard all things that are not aligned to the True Self, both at the personal and planetary level. We emphasize that when people are more aligned to their True Selves, the happier they will be, the more energy they will preserve, and the less they will struggle in 2020.

Being true and leaping into the unknown requires courage, but people mostly wait until the Universe forces them to. That’s 2020.

For those who live their lives in Oneness, you can expect a “miracle” at the later part of the year.

What You Can Do

  1. Refrain from saving money for too long the term. If you have a saving for 2 years, start using it. There is much uncertainty ahead, but at some point, we all have to learn to live our lives fully!
  2. Stay centered and do not panic in the current situation. Save money for 2 years, buy necessarily but not excessively.
  3. Don’t worry so much about future finances and want to jump back into work. Break your piggy bank. Spend time to figure out your life direction. Invest in your spiritual journey. The money structure will change in the coming years anyways. When you upgrade yourself, you will be more capable of moving into this new energy structure that is coming from the higher dimensions.
  4. Be happy! Joyful energy boosts the immune system.
  5. Eat healthy!
  6. Visualize the future you want to live in. Help contribute to the quantum energy.

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