Volume 25


A New World Begins!

The New Normal

Matrix: For many people, news reports will begin to get really surreal. Even if they do not care, the political agenda will start to affect people’s daily lives. When a new norm is introduced and people get used to it, the new norm will collapse and people have to get used to another new norm. Those who rely on mass or social media to get information will be bombarded with confusing news.

There’s a lot of false information circulating on social media.

Many in this group will react with very unstable emotions, as what they have always believed in is shaken. We suggest to reduce exposure to too much electronic entertainment. And connect with simpler physical hobbies to keep yourself entertained. Quit feeding your mind with unhealthy images or those that resemble violence. The duration for manifesting our thoughts has shortened, we need to be careful with what we ingest mentally.

It’s time to bridge the understanding and receive positive messages from lightworkers, so that people go through less mental struggle.

Many people are presently stuck in extreme polarities and the situation is about to escalate over the coming months. The impulse may direct you to make a mistake, especially if you are a negative oriented person. The key is to connect back to your heart and not get stuck in the past or imagine too much of the future. We need to focus on the NOW.

The anchoring energy at the beginning of July will start powerfully with a Pluto-Saturn conjunction. This will force changes on the economic front. There will be more changes in your career paths and the structure of your careers.

Opportunities For Manifestation
In July, the transformation energy from the previous quarter will reach the physical plane and manifest in political events that directly affect us.

Although events may appear seemingly bad, there is a glimmer of light in that these events will stimulate positive growth with people coming together for a common good.

Lightworkers: The core light team begins to stabilize in terms of the ratio of light vs attack. For those who are really connected with their soul mission, and have attained a certain mastery inward, you will realize that a lot of galactic support is starting to reach you, and you may already have heard the call and you are in the perfect position to be ready to serve a bigger crowd.

You will be surprised to know that, with clear intentions and if aligned with the Universe, that which is set to move, will manifest quickly. Remember, the goal has to align with the Universe to have this Super Corridor Effect. For those who are focused on self-upliftment, we have good news, the galactic codes are ready for the selected ones to download and connect with their Higher Selfs. Set clear intention on what you want to create for your life and for Earth.

Remember to utilize high frequencies to clear any residual energy that you accumulate on the surface. An easy way would be to meditate with this intention: “I want light to form around me.” Keep doing this until light pillars form around you.

The peaceful energy at the beginning of July will quickly turn into action. Powerful breakthrough energy is available to all. If you use it wisely, you can turn your career and spirit into gold.

A Surge Of Awakening

Matrix: Those who are in denial will start to experience a third wave of forced awakening at the end of August or at the beginning of September. This will create a need for those who have awakened to hold the grid ratio at this time. People tend to get agitated, upset and will have all the usual reactions of those depressed.

They then turn to doctors for help or the energy will manifest into domestic violence. In fact, since April, hospitals and TCM clinics have reported more patients with psychological symptoms and emotional problems. We can prevent this if we learn to be spiritual. You can learn meditation and yoga online.

If you want to participate in the surge of awakening you may want to pick up any one of the many spiritual courses available in the market. In disorder, opportunity dwells. We can’t see it because we cling on to the old system and have not upgraded ourselves. Learn to meditate and stay healthy.

Lightworkers: The first activation wave will be available to humans – as a beta test, like the wave in 2014-2015. The activation wave allows some to activate the third eye, and for most, it’s to connect with the Higher Self. It fluctuates between very intense energy patterns, so you may experience sudden peace and being connected to your Higher Self for one day and the next day, you are challenged with erratic emotions.

If your lightwork hasn’t gained clarity yet, don’t rush. Stay tuned to your inner guidance. Take each step consciously. Good work takes dedication and time to craft. Truth about reality will seem to be quite messed up coming from the media each day. If you want to get clear on this, connect to the right source and get educated and insights of what is truly taking place behind the geopolitical situation. But we recommend you to go inward. There are two ways to do it, externally or internally. If externally, connect to the right source on YouTube channels and blogs. If internally, it is to connect to your Higher Self. Both ways will enable you to find light.

Focus On Self-Mastery

Matrix: The pressure on society will begin to reach the next level because of the political and  economic dramas. Events that trigger surreal feelings will once again surface. Many physical syndromes will emerge and there will be people falling sick, getting healed, getting crazy, getting confused, having extreme excitement – all happening at the same time.

But if you quiet down, you will realize that reality has shifted again, and again. What we have been feeling nostalgic about is no more. In fact, the old reality will never come back. The entire reality has shifted, it will be even more so from now until December. Things begin to ‘boil’ inside the matrix.

People who are stuck in old belief systems may start to get very uncomfortable with the events that are happening this month and the coming ones.

It’s important we unlock ourselves from our old belief systems and focus on the Now. Know that because we are alive, all possibilities exist. It’s time we learn the real mastery in life – investing in ourselves. Manifesting our dreams holding on to limiting belief systems is bound to create suffering.

Self-mastery is the key! Stop chasing dreams before you learn to manage your mental, emotional and physical bodies. All things project from our mind. If you are suffering and confused, it’s never too late to take the rubbish out from your mind. Don’t cling on to the events that are happening outside,  which are merely a reflection of your own mind.

There are many realities that we can choose. How effective we are in life depends on our mind and EQ.

Lightworkers: Calling Terrans for origins recognition! You can do this by meditating, flipping inward, doing everything based on heart, and reality will be uplifted. Continue to appreciate goodness. Remember, your focus determines your reality. Stay focused on what you want to manifest. Do meditations and affirmations in the morning.

There are abundant energies coming from the Universe. Tune in to these energies. The primordial Universe is starting to become abundant with all things, propelling you forward to see the chosen manifestation. It only depends on what your mental body chooses to see.

A Greater Capacity For Wellness

This forecast comes with the focus on helping those who are stuck in the matrix. The matrix construct is of the mind. What we perceive with our 5 senses is a very limited reality. Right now, all the 5 senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and feel – are loaded with different realities, dreams and imaginations. It may make you very tired at these times. Because the success that we are chasing is built around 5 physical senses – chasing money, cars, beauty. But the depth of what we can appreciate of this life is beyond the 5 physical senses.

See, those who spend a lot of time indulging in sex during this Covid-19 pandemic may get bored. It’s because we are not focusing on building the light and wealth inside our spirit. We depend on physical senses to “give us happiness”. Happiness must be built inside; that way, it will last. Understanding from here, you have a greater capacity to manifest wellness.

Some people spend too much time on digital technologies which may drain them. They then feel tired, unfocused and unable to work on what they want. If that’s what happened to you, then you need to clear yourself of all the EMF residuals from your body and feel happy again. Please pick up meditation tutorials to speed up this process. Take epsom salt baths. Limit yourself from physically meeting negative-oriented people.

The trash that we are experiencing is projected from our mind, so remove them. Learn the way of the heart. Learning mastery over the mind will allow a wider bandwidth to choose our reality. Everyone experiences different realities and each person will experience the reality he or she resonates with.

A Summary Of Coping Strategies

  1. Learn to clear energy from your space. Use white sage, palo santo and smudge to clear the space. Maintain your energetic hygiene. Note that as you begin to cleanse, you may already experience the negativity clearing up.
  2. If you have anxiety, use meditation, exercise and yoga to help you regulate it. If you want to solve the root of it, learn the way of the heart, or pick up a result-based energy healing modality.
  3. 2020 may be a bumpy journey for you. If you want it to be smoother you need to first modify the way you see things.
  4. Do you have bouts of stiff neck, strained muscle, panic attack or are you unable to focus? You need to reduce the EMF pollution inside the body. Meditation is recommended as a primary solution.  Taking epsom salt baths is good.
  5. Use only wood-based essential oils such as cedarwood, lime, melaleuca. These essential oils are mostly affordable and rich in energy.
  6. If you feel suppressed energetically, participate in group meditations or take up energy healing to break through.

5-minute Simple Chakra Cleansing & Activating Technique

  1. Relax and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Start to focus on the base chakra.
  3. Visualize the base chakra filled with light, and being cleansed and energized by the light. Do it slowly and with intent. Repeat 3 times.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the 2nd to 7th chakras in turn.
  5. After you have finished with all the 7 chakras, focus your attention on an area of the body that is still feeling tight and do the same. Stay relaxed.

Do this cleansing and activating before your meditation, yoga or bedtime.

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