Volume 25

Everything Is Energy

Our body is energy. Even the chair that you are sitting on and the clothes you are wearing are energy. Inanimate objects vibrate at very different frequencies compared with human beings. Say you have an attachment to a piece of jewelry. This is because the jewelry is vibrating at a frequency that you resonate with – its frequency matches that of your body’s and you feel very connected with it. When you lose it, you would feel a sense of loss. Or when it’s time to let this piece of jewelry go, you would feel resistant as you feel that it’s dear to you.

Even the space you are in vibrates at its natural frequency. You may feel good at home because it has your energy imprint and so the energy of the space vibrates at a similar frequency as yours. But if you were to be inside a hotel room, you might feel uncomfortable if the space vibrates at a lower frequency than you. And this is why you need to protect your energy or maintain its vibration at a certain level. Otherwise, you may not feel comfortable in a certain space or even when interacting with certain people.

Manage Your Energy

Your vibrations and energy are always shifting. This happens not only at an individual level but on a collective level as well due to the effects of the energies of the people and things around you. When we feel negative emotions like anxiety, anger or frustration, our energy field goes out of balance. In the long run this creates disorders in our physical, emotional or psychological energy fields and impacts our well-being.

I always start my day by practicing this 5-minute meditation, building a bubble of protection in my energy field. I find that without this energy protection bubble, I’m not as efficient at work and my energy level drains faster resulting in tiredness and stress.

5 Minutes That Make You Feel Positive & Safe

Practice these steps to feel more positive and ensure that the day goes smoothly. You can also do this whenever you feel your energy needs a booster. Don’t do this in the toilet or anywhere near a dumpster.

  1. Take 5 deep and slow breaths.
  2. As you continue breathing deep and slow, your thoughts will start to slow down.
  3. Visualize a clear crystal in front of your heart and focus on it.
  4. Visualize white light from the crystal going into your heart and visualize the light in your heart expanding.
  5. On each exhalation, visualize the white light expanding and spreading outward from your heart to your shoulders, neck, face, head, arms, hands, stomach, hips, thighs, legs and feet.
  6. Next, focus on expanding the white light further away from your body to outside of your body. Expand the light to an arm’s length away from your body, from left to right, and from top to bottom.
  7. Strengthen this bubble of white light around you with feelings of love, happiness, gratitude, compassion, courage, peace, optimism, passion or any positive emotions that you had last experienced. The more positive emotions you have, the stronger your energy protection bubble will be.

Now you can step out the door and start your day with a clear mind and a great smile on your face. Have an awesome day, every day!

Sucy Chan is a Practitioner, Consultant and Marketing Manager with The Golden Space (M) Sdn Bhd. Losing her identity as a person, woman and mother was the lowest point in her life. She has learned to love herself again since starting her self-discovery journey in 2015. Having hidden behind a wall of false happiness most of her life, Sucy’s journey has propelled her to a bigger purpose – serving and helping people to achieve their highest potential in all ways. Her motto: “I choose to be the LIGHT in the darkest abyss.” Get in touch with Sucy at