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I have always loved instrumental music, especially piano music which is light and easy. When I was exploring similar music on Spotify, one particular album cover photo and its title caught my eye.

The cover featured a beautiful golden retriever. The album was titled The Divinity of Dogs. It brought back memories of my dog Jasper, a Maltese. Imagine – I’ve always loved dogs but never knew there was music written specially for them and other pets. What a find!

Incidentally, I later learnt that Jennifer Skiff had written a book with the exact same title. The book contains true stories of miracles inspired by dogs. The cover uses the same picture of the golden retriever.

So, why create music specially for dogs and other pets?

Music Resides In A Dog’s Memory

Years ago, I had asked an animal communicator to help me understand my dog, Jasper. I was going through some difficult life challenges which left me little time for her, making her behave abnormally.

According to the communicator, Jasper remembered the music of Beethoven’s “Für Elise” which I always played at home on the piano.

By accessing Jasper’s memories, the communicator described a scene in my then husband “V”’s car. He was playing the song “Forget Love Potion”, an Andy Lau number. The communicator even described how when the car stopped at the lights, “V” looked at Jasper and sang that song to her! I laughed when I heard this. “V” confirmed that this was exactly how it happened.

Dogs Pay Attention To Music

2 years ago, I was preparing a student for her music exam at my home. As practice, we would repeatedly run through the same exam pieces and scales. My dog YK would sit by me during those long sessions.

Whenever the student played “Sonata in B minor Kp.377 L263” by Scarlatti, YK would seem to pay rapt attention. When the student made a mistake or paused, he would turn to look at me and then look back at the piano or at my student. However, when she played scales (technique passages), my little doggie would just ignore everything and nap. From that I realized that dogs do listen to music.

On top of these personal experiences, I’ve come across studies that show music has a positive effect on dogs and cats.

Proven Positive Effects Of Music On Pets

A Colorado State University study showed that relaxing music can improve dogs’ sleep and moods. Such music also reduces agitation, stress and anxiety.

Another study involved female cats undergoing surgery. After listening to classical music, the cats were calmer and more tolerant throughout the clinical evaluation.

Garrett Charles Nash, an American singer-songwriter composed for his rescue dog, Daisy. When the song for Daisy was played in a dog rescue shelter home, the music almost immediately relaxed and calmed the dogs. Nash was moved that his music could touch animals at such a deep level.

A World Of Choices

Surprisingly at my last count, there were at least 347 albums for pets, dogs, cats; and even one album each for fishes and horses on Spotify! Now, that’s a lot of music for our fur (and scaly) friends!

These albums are meant for animals with stress or anxiety, or pets with issues of hyperactivity. There are even albums to sooth your pet’s separation anxiety when you are away.

Pet music ranges from lullabies to Christmas music. And your pet can even have its favorite pick: piano, guitar, other  instruments, birds’ sounds, nature sounds, and so on.

One of the newer albums in my list is 2020 Relaxing Music for Animals. This is a collection of 15 songs for your pets. There is soothing sleep, ambient music, healing nature and piano melodies that can heal your pets’ anxiety and fear.

Do explore the vast choices available on different online apps.

I found this album very soothing and relaxing. Mostly made up of piano instrumental pieces, the music is light and easy and would make a great addition to your list of pet music.

There are 13 pieces in the album. The ones I like are “Divinity of Dogs”, “You Are My Sunshine”, the calm and gentle “Spacious Skies”, the calm and harmonious “Shenandoah”, the joyful yet peaceful “Twinkle-twinkle Little Star”, “Sanctuary” and  Amazing Grace”.

Some of the titles above may be familiar to you. The music has been modified from the original versions although the title remains the same. Gradually I fell in love with this album. It has found its way into my favorite music list. I play them whilst reading, cooking, handling paperwork, at bedtime and when I meditate.

Once I played the album in one of my meditation classes. I did not tell the participants that the music was specially created for dogs. After the meditation, all of them felt so relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Some who had listened to this album did give it good reviews online. My dog YK went missing before I came across this album, so I didn’t get the chance to listen with him.

It’s always good to explore more music for yourself, and whilst you’re at it, do it for your pet too. And it also doesn’t matter if you don’t have a pet. Listening to this genre of music not just helps you to unwind, but it also helps you to relax and quiet your mind, especially for meditation and yoga.

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I sincerely hope that this type of music will be used by more people, especially pet owners and animal caretakers.

Music for pets is useful when:

  • your pet is sick or moody
  • you deal with rescued animals
  • you are away from your pet for days or weeks
  • your pet is staying overnight at a pet boarding facility
  • your neighbors set off fireworks during the festive season
  • you and your pet move house
  • you have just adopted a pet or will give it away to new owner

Let’s be more considerate towards the animals which share this world with us as they too have feelings. In fact, many species are actually more sensitive than we are.

Our pets have an immense amount of unconditional love for us. For all the joy and happiness they bring, let’s show them our love in return. One surefire way to do that is play relaxing pet music for them.

How will you know what’s right for your pet? Experiment!

  • Choose a piece that you yourself love. Listen to it together with your pet.
  • Observe your pet’s response. Play the music again if the response is positive to confirm your pet’s resonance with the piece. Or just pick something else. Find something that both of you love.
  • You could also hum the tune to your pet. Gently stroke her as she gets sleepy and continue letting her feel your love.

Are you game to meditate with your pet? Here’s how:

  • Choose an album composed for pets that you both love.
  • Get your pet to sit near or next to you. Or you could allow her to lie down. Or let her freely choose to sit or lie where she feels comfortable. Let her be. Don’t control or force.
  • Let your pet know that you are going to meditate with the music. Invite her lovingly to participate. Your pet instinctively knows your intention. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t sit still during the meditation. Allow.
  • When the music starts, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Quieten your thoughts. Relax your body from head to toe.
  • In the state of peace and calm, visualize your pet sitting in front of you, facing you.
  • Connect to your heart and imagine it opening up. Send love and light from your heart to your pet.
  • Visualize your pet receiving your love and light into her heart. See your pet surrounded by the love and light. See her in a bubble of love and light.
  • Give thanks and gratitude to your loving pet.
  • When done, slowly open up your eyes. Look at your precious fur kid. With all the love you feel from your heart, spend some time talking with, petting and cuddling her.

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