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Volume 26

Joy & Happiness Of Abundance

Abundance is generally thought of as the condition of having more, a large quantity or enjoying the feeling of plentifulness of something that’s liked. Since it’s enjoyable, abundance too is a state of joy and happiness.

Abundance thus can mean either having tangible or material things, such as money; or, being in the state of mind and heart of having abundance.

In this article, we are referring to the state of mind and heart of having abundance as such abundance is more encompassing in all areas of our life, and not only the material.

A Grateful Heart Is An Abundant Heart

“When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.” ~ Anthony Robbins, life coach & business strategist.

“Gratitude” and “fear” are both emotions that we generate from thoughts. A thought of having been the recipient of kindness, for example, would evoke the pleasant feeling of gratitude, whilst a thought of being physically or emotionally harmed would evoke the unpleasant feeling of fear. Robbins tells us that if we want to create more abundance in our lives, we need to evoke feelings of gratitude instead of fear.

I suggest that if we are to realize Robbins’ quotation, we’ll have to be sensitive and aware of our emotions, when they arise within us, especially the emotions of gratitude and fear. This means awareness about our own emotions, which is a key aspect of emotional intelligence.

5 Steps To Being Emotionally Intelligent

“Emotional Intelligence is ‘the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior’.” ~ Peter Salovey and John Mayer, co-developers of the MSCEIT Test for Emotional Intelligence.

1. BE CONSCIOUS Of What Your Intelligence Are Telling You

Emotions are innate, powerful, and principally unconscious processes that happen to us automatically when we are “triggered”. Emotions act as alarm or signal systems and provide information. is alerts us to our creation, our current  situation and encounter.

However, there is a challenge, the emotions that we feel at first instance may not always provide the right information. For example, when a friend offers you the opportunity to make some fast cash, what would your immediate thoughts and feelings be? Would you feel excited or skeptical? Regardless of what you are feeling, it’s important to know that none of your feelings actually tell you anything more about the opportunity! The money-making opportunity may be a scam or it may be totally legitimate!

Therefore, what you need to do is you learn to be aware, to be conscious of what your emotions are alerting you to. You also need to diligently explore the emotions to see if they are giving you the right information. By doing this, you exercise discernment and prevent yourself from missing the chance of attracting abundance. You are actually creating a neutral space to welcome in more possibilities into your life.

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2. RELEASED Trapped Emotions

Trapped or suppressed emotions are to be released when you feel them but somehow, at that time they were not allowed out, so they become stuck in your body as a result.

Emotions like sadness and anger are often not allowed to be expressed and released freely in our lives as doing so is deemed a sign of weakness or immaturity. So, after some time these emotions will start to cause physical feelings of pain, discomfort, unpleasantness and “stuck-ness”.

The emotions that are trapped inside you occupy space, and so you have no room for any new experiences to come into your life, having no chance to do anything different or having no space for creation and abundance.

3. REFOCUS Scattered Emotions

Scattered emotions, or what I call emotional leakages or unmanaged emotions, is another area you need to look at. You need to be aware if your emotions are scattered and out of control. If your emotions are scattered, you will start to feel that you are always lacking energy, unable to focus and unwilling to do anything. As a result, restlessness, frustration and lethargy set in. When that happens, you will lack the capacity to channel the right emotions and energy to create abundance.

The ability to manage, hold and control your emotional energies will directly affect how you function in your daily life. Just like everyone else, you need the emotions of hope and confidence to focus and produce the energy of creation, which is key towards having abundance.

4. Use Emotions To CREATE, Not Destroy

On that note, you also need to know which emotions have the power to create. All emotions have different default purposes. Examples: anger – destruction, disgust – avoidance, fear – protection, sadness – reconnection, and, happiness – progression.

By being aware of what kind of emotions you are constantly having and feeling, you can control the emotions and their energies. In this way, you prevent emotions that create scarcity, such as fear, worry, uselessness, shame, and use emotions such as joy, confidence, excitement, love, compassion, and gratitude to create abundance.

Do pay attention to the different kinds of emotions that you are experiencing and what they are creating for you. Positive emotions create whilst negative emotions destroy.

5. Don’t Resist Emotions, Let Them FLOW

You would have heard before that emotion is also seen as “energy in motion”.

The 5th and final step is to let your emotions flow. You need your emotions to flow out, flow in and flow through.

Flow Out – Allow unhealthy, negative emotions of anger, fear, irritation, scarcity, lacking, not good enough, undeserving, etc. out of your body and system so that they clear the space for the “right” and positive emotions to flow into you.

Flow In – Let the positive emotions of hope, faith, love, gratitude, confidence, compassion, etc. flow into you and fill you so that you build up your capacity to generate the right energies to create and attract new and wonderful things into your life abundantly.

Flow Through – Lastly, once you have the right kind of emotions and energies in your body and system, imagine the energies are flowing through you from your head down to your toes. Have them constantly flowing. When you do that, you are creating motion, movement and momentum, that is, literally growing the power of creation. This will keep you energized and
allow you to generate the abundance that you’ve always wanted.

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