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To Raise The Vibration Of The Earth
Volume 24

Raising Vibration

Another outcome of us raising our vibration is that we become more conscious. And when we become more conscious, we tend to not hurt the environment because we will realize that we and the environment are mutually dependent. We’ll be watching what we eat, what we take from nature, and what we give back to nature. As conscious people, what we do will be love-based. Doing things with love glowing in our hearts, we will not hurt others, the animals, the environment or the Earth. This is what vibrating at a higher level and being conscious do to us.

Where’s The Coming From?

People may be environmentalists, campaigners, activists; but what consciousness level are they operating from?

Some organizations make declarations of “saving the planet” but do their “why”s for doing so come from higher consciousness? Or are their “why”s based on power, greed and other fear-based desires?

Could organizations have hidden agendas in the guise of campaigning for causes? For example, could one have a political agenda in “saving the forests”?

A Conscious Economy

On the other hand, there are businesses and corporations that contribute resources or promote practices that support a better, healthier Earth. These for-profit businesses may come from a higher level of consciousness, led by leaders who operate from the heart. Examples range from companies from the energy (promoting clean energy sources) to the education (focusing on
heart-centered syllabi) sectors.

It’s good that such “conscious” companies make great profits, because this means that more money will be poured into impacting communities, the environment and the Earth in positive ways. In today’s world, the higher-vibrating businesses will become the success stories of a conscious economy, more than those which operate in the lower vibrations of greed, fear, and those that selfishly chase profits at any cost.

Products that are created with lots of love energy will be economically and socially more appealing, as more and more people especially the millennials, start calling out to everyone to create a better world, and to take action to take us to that intention. It’s all about how much love vibration we put into whatever that we do, produce and consume.

Serving Our Purpose Raises Our Vibration

As we raise our consciousness, we will be more sensitive of the needs of our environment and the Earth. It’s something that happens naturally due to the connection that we human beings all have with Gaia. As we operate from this higher consciousness, we will be drawn towards serving our true purpose, which raises the vibration of humanity and the planet as a whole. There is always a positive correlation between our vibration and that of our fellow human beings and the Earth.

Therefore, to raise the vibration of our beloved planet Earth, the key is to raise the consciousness of the 7+ billion powerful magnets that are walking on Earth – human beings.

We and the Earth are connected and One. As we raise our vibration and consciousness, we will finally realize that there is no separation.

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Contributed by Indrasto Budisantoso, CEO of Jojonomic and a Director of The Golden Space Indonesia.

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