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GEOPATHY, Harmonizing Your Place On Earth
Volume 27

There is this house off a very popular district – pretty, unpretentiously sleek, fresh-off the-paint, bargain-of-the-decade: a non-typical 2-storey terrace. What’s more, it’s pet-friendly, located about 2 km away from a nature reserve, with attractive amenities.

Two paragraphs into the advertisement and you are sold. Your index finger inches towards the dial button on your phone, for an immediate viewing before the house keys land in someone else’s eager hands. Not even a dodgy third paragraph would  make you think otherwise. But you had to look at it, and it reads: “T-junction, a century-old cemetery in a corner.” Oops. Now try convincing your Chinese mom about that Feng Shui dilemma!

Stress Waves

Feng Shui aside, there is a little-known related phenomenon called Geopathic Stress, that you should consider. Geopathy is  the study of Earth energies and how these energies affect the well-being of humans. To put it simply, Geopathy is an amalgamation of Feng Shui, electrosmog (or electromagnetic radiation) detection and dowsing.

Let me get back to how it works.

You see, to live is to live with – not without. We live in a physical dimension where energies exist alongside us side by side. These energies vibrate at different frequencies and wavelengths. These vibrating energies include you, me, the bougainvillea in your backyard, and most certainly the Earth. Earth emanates various types or wavelengths of energies that may be  complementary or deleterious to our health depending on the presence of natural and/or man-made activities.

For example, the flow of underground water through fissures and fractures (due to the fact that water passages emit their own magnetic fields) that collides with the Earth’s natural energy fields which, in return, create geopathic stress.

Frequencies That Interfere

It’s important to note that these energies are not insidious in nature. They are simply too strong for the human body and with prolonged exposure, they render the body’s immune system feeble.

They interfere with the body’s healthy frequencies and in turn, provide a breeding ground for illness or dis-ease to develop without the person’s slightest clue.

Geopathic stress occurs at a very subtle level, gradually over time, and claws in to distort the body’s own electrical activity. They distort brain rhythms, affecting the cell renewal process. Abnormal cell growth happens, leading possibly to chronic immune problems or cancer. It’s a slow, sinister encroachment on an otherwise robust body.

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Identifying The Radiation

Most people are not aware of any geopathic disturbances or even their existence until health challenges hit and treatments do not seem to work properly as they should.

Perhaps, geopathic stress shows up even at work when machines malfunction with no apparent cause.

You might even want to observe the behaviors of animals like cats, ants, beetles, and even plant life on the site – do they behave in an odd manner and are drawn toward certain spots?

Unlike humans, these “negative” frequencies affect animals and plants differently. In the presence of these types of radiation, animals and plants flourish and bask in these energies with a heightened vigor. Very bizarre indeed.

However, the best way to confirm whether a home or workplace is overflowing with geopathic stress is by dowsing or asking a building biologist. Feng Shui masters can help here but if the matter concerns whether these energies have affected your physical health, it’s best to consult a kinesiologist or a naturopath through a resonance test.

Corrective Measures

The simplest and most practical method to correct these energies is to shift and relocate your furniture from these areas, especially places where you will spend the most time in, to another location.

You will begin to notice changes to your health. If such corrective measures are a daunting task and very inconvenient, you might want to explore several other options to tackle these stresses and that includes harmonizing your personal space or strengthening your personal energies.

Crystals are a preferred choice to absorb these energies and you simply have to place them at different locations in the affected spaces. This works to harmonize and strengthen these areas.

As a more comprehensive solution, Bioresonance therapy is capable of detecting, harmonizing, and strengthening your body from geopathic stresses.

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Dr Ang Shu Yin is a medical doctor who dedicates herself to promoting affordable, high-tech and sustainable healthcare to prevent and cure chronic illnesses. She believes in nurturing health literacy so as to create healthier, more vibrant minds to alleviate poverty and improve the economy. As the founder and head therapist of Quantum Wellness Bioresonance, she and her team help clients achieve holistic optimum health. Contact her at