Volume 3

Your Perspective Determines Your Experience

Life…what is it? I think it is a question to which no definite answer can be found. Life is so abstract, complex and dynamic; every person seems to have a different experience of it, a different purpose, and so no actual definition can be found. While it may not be so easy to decipher the meaning of life, it is relatively easy to change it for yourself, for the better.

Every day you wake up, you may experience something different and new, or you may not. Often, it depends on your perspective that you have in that moment. One thing I know for certain is that, as humans, we all have free will in what we think, say and do. We can refuse, or say yes, simply by choosing to do so. Therefore, we also have the choice on how we view life as a whole, and situations in it, which is our perspective on life.

Peace & Happiness Begins With A Positive Perspective

Whenever you find yourself in a problematic situation, do you choose to dwell on it and complain, or do you choose to find a solution in the most positive and effective way? It is rather easy to stay positive during the ups in life, but what about the downs? Well, from a positive perspective, if something is extremely bad, the only way to go is up, to make it better.

When you have a positive perspective of life, you see things from a different angle; usually you would focus on the good things, rather than the bad, and find solutions if you cannot find the good in a problem. You smile, and let yourself have fun, and laugh at your mistakes, rather than punish yourself over them. This state of mind allows you to be calm and relaxed and makes life go by much more smoothly and effortlessly.

See beauty and opportunities every day, look at everything that is going right, not at what is going wrong. The reason why there are countless wars, suffering and hunger is because we focus on them, in the news or while praying. If humanity were to shift that focus onto beautiful things, like nature, abundance of food and areas with daily peace, these desirable things would increase in the world instead.

The benefits of shifting perspective doesn’t merely work on the macro scale, it works in your daily life, too. The first step to happiness is choosing to let you be happy. Then, you have to look at life through positive, happy lenses, rather than negative ones. This doesn’t mean you become naive or unrealistic; it just means that you choose to focus on the good. And when the downs in life do dawn on you, you can easily look through or around them, and see that there are solutions, or ways they could in fact impact you positively.

Practice Daily Gratitude

Be grateful. A part of having a positive perspective is to be thankful for what you already have, rather than unhappy because of what you don’t. When you start appreciating the little things every day, you cherish new opportunities and experiences more readily. Also, you allow more of them in your life. To express more gratitude, you can attempt gratitude journaling – have a journal on your bedside table, and every night, before you go to bed, write down 5-10 things you were grateful for on that day. This automatically makes you focus on the nice things of your day, you treasure them and then you fall asleep in a happy state.

Looking Good: Health & The Positive Attitude

With a positive perspective comes a positive attitude. With a positive attitude, your body may change in small ways, like smiling more, or having better posture. Also, you may see yourself as a more beautiful or better person than before. It shows on the outside, and you start radiating love and gratitude. This does not only make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, but it is attractive to others. You will see that people want to be your friend or want to work with you. Think about it – would you rather choose a sad, negative person as a friend, or a happy, positive one?

Law Of Attraction & The Positive Attitude

So, by having a positive perspective, you attract things, situations and people you want in your life. This is the Law of Attraction, and it works on a very simple principle: What you focus on, by always thinking or talking about it, is what you will get. It does take practice, because your mind can be stubborn and your ego may talk back to your new, positive choices. However, it is very rewarding to change, because not only do you change your own emotions and feelings in that one moment, but also you change your entire future, for yourself and possibly others.

Your mind is extremely powerful, and if you have the will, you can make beautiful things happen. A repeated thought becomes a belief; a belief gives rise to the emotion; the emotion determines your reaction to a situation; and your reaction determines the outcome or result of the situation for you. Therefore, if you change your thoughts on your life situations, you start a shift in your reactions and the outcomes or the results of those situations for you.

Some ways to change your thoughts or calm your mind are by using affirmations, visualization, meditation, or by pursuing your passion. Through affirmations and visualization, you may choose exactly what it is you want to think or see, and thus, over time you can change certain things in your life. By meditating and pursuing your passion, you calm your mind and by being in this calm state, you can make certain decisions differently and you can actively choose to be positive.

Life, although seemingly unpredictable, can be changed or determined to an extent, simply with your thoughts and your perspective of how things are. There is a reason why happy people seem to only have a happy life, while miserable ones get the opposite. However, what many people do not know is that one can choose to be happy, see the good in life and move forward.

Simply put, you can create your own future, if you are willing to change your perspective. It is your choice; do you choose to see life in vibrant colors or in black and white?

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Ula Wyss is a teenage blogger and has been on a positive, life-changing path for almost 6 years. As the creator and writer of her own blog, The Journeys of Life, she has developed the passion to inspire and motivate young people. After learning about positive thinking, manifestation and visualization, and applying this to herself with amazing results, her goal in life shifted to teach this through writing and speaking. Connect with Ula at