Volume 2

Emotions are energy and vibrational frequencies. Emotion is thus ‘energy in motion’. From an energy perspective there are high vibrational emotions like joy or love as well as low vibrational emotions like anger, shame and fear. Since we are living in a polarized reality we refer to these emotions as either positive (high vibration) or negative (low vibration) emotions. It’s obvious that positive emotions make us feel good and the negative ones make us feel bad. But it’s not only about how they make us feel. The real significance of emotions is the impact they have on our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Scientists are continuing to discover intimate connections between our emotional state and physical health, with research going on in many special fields including quantum physics and epigenetics. The latter has to do with the expression of our genes. It is proven that our genes are being expressed according to the environment they are in. One may have cancer genes but if he/she is in a positive environment (such as positive loving thoughts and emotions), the genes may never express themselves as life-threatening cancer. On the other hand, one may have great healthy genes but put in a negative environment, the genes may express themselves as a cancer after a while. This is why I feel it is very important to take good care of ourselves not only physically but even more spiritually and emotionally.

Unprocessed Emotions Become Trapped Emotions

Negative emotions which are not expressed, for example, anger or resentment, can get stuck in the body (since our body is made out of energy as well) and can distort our healthy energy. If these negative emotions remain stuck in the body for a while we may start experiencing physical discomfort, pain or emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression.

The ‘stuck’ energy in our body is called Trapped Emotion. Trapped emotions can be locked everywhere in our body: in the organs and glands, in tissues and cells. While an emotion is trapped it lowers and changes the energy of the organ or gland and in the long run this can lead to a dis-ease.

Imagine you were a child in school and your teacher scolded you for something that you didn’t do. You felt angry toward the teacher but you probably did not express your anger at that time.

Who would as a child? So if you were not able to express or process that anger during the event, the emotion would have become trapped in your body. And it would still be there although the event had happened 30 years ago.

What Is The Emotion Code

The good news is that we have the ability to find those trapped emotions and release them. There are various methods to deal with stuck emotions and one of them is the Emotion Code. Developed by an American chiropractic Dr. Bradley Nelson, “The Emotion Code” is a simple process of identifying the trapped emotions in our body using muscle-testing (applied kinesiology) and releasing the trapped emotions with a magnet.

Dr. Nelson found out that an average person who is 40 years old has around 300 trapped emotions. That is a lot of emotions to release. Fortunately the process of releasing these emotions is such that it may be possible to release all of them in no time. And after we release these emotions we only need to avoid creating new ones.

The Emotion Code is based on the Chinese Medicinal theory that emotions are produced by our organs and glands.

For example, the lungs produce grief, whilst the liver produces anger. I remember reading about the wife of the late actor Christopher Reeves who played ‘Superman’ in the 80s. He had been paralyzed after an accident and died nine years later. His wife loved him very much and it was very difficult for her to move on with her life after his death.

She developed lung cancer and passed away 2 years after his passing.

So the question is: how do we release an emotion?

Releasing Trapped Emotions With The Emotion Code

If you feel something negative, allow yourself to fully feel it. Don’t suppress the feeling or push it away just because you think you are too old or too spiritual to feel angry or sad. Just feel it, embrace it, and then, let it go. The energy of the emotion will just flow through your body and disappear. It’s as simple as that.

Although certain organs and glands produce emotions, those emotions don’t always get stuck in those organs where they originate. They may get trapped in different parts of the body and weaken those parts. The goal is to find where these emotions are trapped and release them. Very often people feel much lighter, happier and even pain free after releasing their trapped emotions. And what more do we want than to live a happy, joyful and healthy life?

After The Emotion Code

After an Emotion Code session many people go through a processing (especially after first session): they may feel very tired or emotional. This is completely normal. Released trapped emotions do not come back. Even if you think about the event from the past you won’t feel the trapped emotion any more. You may however get new trapped emotions as I mentioned earlier.

Generally Emotion Code helps us to maintain a high vibrational energy body. It also opens our hearts to more love, joy and success in our lives. It doesn’t make us better people, It makes us more who we really are, that is, the loving spark of Source Energy. We get more in touch with our True Self that is loving and kind and we radiate love and kindness. And remember what we give out, we get back. The more love and kindness we give out the more love and kindness we attract into our lives. Now, isn’t that what we all want?

Monika Wyss was born in Poland and is a Certified Systemic Therapist and Psychological Counsellor. She conducts Systemic Family Constellation Workshops based on Bert Hellinger’s Work. She is also one of the few licensed Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® Workshop Leaders in Asia, combining this work with Psycho-Kinesiology and Family Constellation in her Transformation Coaching practice. Contact Monika at