Volume 8 

Anger is like a fever. Just as a fever is an indicator that there is something wrong with your body, anger in itself is a powerful indicator that there is something wrong in your life. It shows that something in your life is not healthy or good for you anymore, be it a relationship or the level of stress in your work.

Anger & Your Relationship
Who you get angry at also tells you about the condition of your relationship with this person. Some would hold back their anger until they get home, only to take it out on their loved ones because they feel (regardless of whether they realize this or not) that no matter what they do, these people would still love them. Or perhaps they feel that they somehow “own” their family and thus have the right to do or say anything to them.

Anger Can Be Useful
Anger can make us learn and grow. Without it we would not feel the full range of human emotions, for example, we would not appreciate peace and forgiveness. It is needed to trigger important changes to be made in certain aspects in our lives. It may also show that we need to set up boundaries. Doing so ensures we don’t give too much to others without taking care of ourselves first. Anger may be an indication that we have taken too much on our plate resulting in stress and exhaustion.

The Futility Of Suppressing Anger
Often people suppress their anger, especially women. But that merely turns it inwards, letting the power of this emotion attack your spirit, as well as chip away at your self-worth. It is time to admit that anger cannot be contained. Doing that merely traps it, just waiting to be released again. The good news is that you can “depower” it, reducing its impact on your decisions, behavior and life as a whole. In fact you can even pull the plug totally after you have mastered this strategy. But let us take one step at a time.

Making Room For Anger
So is it better then to let it all out? Or have a cathartic experience second-handedly by watching a really violent show? Violence is then glorified… want to read more? Purchase volume 8 here to find out the 4-Step Strategy To Pull The Plug On Anger.

Rose Wong is an empowering holistic healer and speaker with 15 years of experience in the psycho-education field. Her life’s work and light work with young adults and women in particular, has impacted lives across Southeast Asia and North America; inspiring her to continue to be in service to humanity for as long as possible. Rose shares her love for Gaia and all beings through her work with the Curanderos and Peruvian healing arts. Rose can be contacted at rose.wong@thegoldenspace.com.my.