Volume 14

Acknowledge Your Own Power
What do you see when you look at You? Do you see the judgments you have of You? Or do you see the beauty, the strength, the kindness, the benevolence and the joy of You?

Sometimes all you need is a reminder that each and every one of you is born to the greatness of your embodiment. Each and every one of you is born to lead.

Every day you make choices that lead your life. Whether you are in school or university, teaching or guiding others, managing people, running your own business, making financial decisions, standing up for what you believe in, taking responsibility for a family, etc. you are being a leader. Are you acknowledging yourself right now?

What if you are the gift that the world has been waiting for? What if every day you can make a difference in the world?

Look At Where You Are Yourself
Most of us are not looking at what we can create, for something greater to show up in our lives. We’re operating from what we “think” we have to function as. We end up functioning from an auto-pilot mode of existence. We exist merely to function. How many of you recognize this as your life?

To some extent we know what our abilities, talents and capacities are but we fail to acknowledge them and we look towards others to acknowledge and validate the value of us. The problem with seeking validation is – do they ever validate you? No.

People relate to you from their own judgements of themselves and of you. This is why so many get disappointed with “feedback” of any kind. It never shows up as intended and the party at the receiving end is left disappointed. Who knows you better? You or them?

Look At Past Leaders
Leaders who created massive changes in the world like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela to name a few, all had something in common – the courage to be themselves and to choose what is going to create something greater. There is a kindness and benevolence to their vision and creation. Their legacy continues to inspire and empower generations of people today.

The world is lacking in leaders who inspire and empower people. Who are our role models today? What if it can begin with you?

If you were to inspire and empower people who worked for you, or who lived with you or who looked up to you; what change could you create?

Look In The Mirror And Seeing…
When you look in the mirror do you truly see You; the greatness of You, or do you see the judgements you have of You? Most people only see what is wrong about them or what is not right about them.

You can spend your whole life never knowing who or what you are. Some of you may be lucky enough to know what your talents and abilities are but as soon as you become aware of yourselves you go into doubt. Sounds familiar?

At some point in your life, you may have bought a lie or was told that you are not good enough, smart enough or talented enough. What if all that is irrelevant and it is only someone else’s points of view? What if you made a demand that no matter what, you are going to be a leader, someone who the world is interested in?

People are afraid of showing up and being seen and heard, afraid to speak up, afraid to be themselves around others, afraid of being judged, afraid of being wrong, afraid, afraid… sounds familiar too?

Fear is a distractor. Fear distracts you from every possibility that shows up in your life. It distracts you from choices that are present and it distracts you from you and everything about you. Doubt and fear, besides judgment, are major distractors you want to eliminate from your life.

Looking At YOU
What if there is nothing wrong with you at all? Perhaps, you don’t believe that you can do something different because you decided you cannot be something different. Your point of view creates your reality. Change your point of view and your reality changes.

Being a leader requires the courage to be YOU and to never discount you no matter what, to choose what works for you always, to be kind and benevolent to you. When you are willing to be all of this; you can be the invitation for others to be more and choose more.

Being a leader is not about creating followers. Being a leader is about inspiring people to realize the greatness in them. To be kind and to empower people, not disempower them; to recognize potential and hidden abilities and empower those too; to never take away someone else’s freedom or choice; to have a vision of the future and make choices that include everyone else.

The choice now lies in your hands. Perhaps it’s time for us to acknowledge the leader in each of us so we can change with the world too. We have the option of cutting through fear, judgement and more to release the leader in us. We get to decide what we want to say to that face in the mirror.

Questions Leaders Ask Themselves
Being a leader is about being in question about everything and never coming to conclusion about anything.

When you ask questions you activate the quantum entanglements of the  universe to bring you everything that is possible. Play with this! Ask questions about everything for one hour, without expectation or going into conclusion and see what shows up.

If you are willing to continue playing with this dynamic tool, eventually the “work” of it ceases and you will be the question. Until you ask you cannot receive. Until you choose you cannot change.

What would I choose if I knew I couldn’t fail?
What contribution can I be to my life and the world today?
What would it look like, just for today, if I chose to be greater than yesterday?
What would it take to change what’s not working?

Vanitha Subramaniam is a psychologist, a Transformational Leadership Coach and HRDF certified trainer, an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, speaker, and author. Her company LEAD 4 CHANGE offers leadership training and personal coaching programs. She empowers people to become leaders in their own lives. With more than 15 years of experience in leadership and management, Vanitha has worked internationally in public health, health promotion, women and child health, sustainability and mental health; including in partnership projects with UNIFEM, UNFPA and UNDP. Today, she teaches classes and conducts workshops internationally. Contact her at accessvanitha@gmail.com or http://www.vanithasubramaniam.com.