Ever since I started my spiritual journey, I have begun to smile more. And smiling has since become a natural tendency for me. Radiating positivity through a smile on my face!

The Infectious Power of A Smile

Once I was at a restaurant with my son, and there was only one waitress, who was a mute. It was lunch hour and the restaurant was understaffed. Having had to serve quite a few tables, she was obviously “stressed out”. As she finished putting food on our table, I turned to her and smiled.

Her face lit up immediately! As I continued with my “Thank You” she was already grinning from ear to ear. When I saw her next, she was walking with a spring on her steps! A simple smile and a thank you can certainly do wonders.

A Smile Can Melt Hearts

A few months back, I needed a license for an event. Due to other more urgent and pressing matters, I only managed to return to the government office one week later than the stipulated timeframe.

The officer-in-charge was not too happy that I took longer than was required and she raised her voice at me in front of all other applicants. I looked at her and put on my golden smile as she rambled on her displeasure.

My genuine smile must have touched her heart as she mellowed down almost immediately. In the end, she talked to me in such a gentle manner that it was a complete opposite of her initial tone.

Another incident where a smile made all the difference was when I was at a Security Office waiting for my pass to prepare for an event set-up. I was about two hours earlier from the allowed set-up time so the officer was not keen to hand me the pass.

Again, I flashed my golden smile and made my plea. After a few rounds of “Yes ah?”, “Really?”, “Ohhh I see…” , all responses were packaged with a smile, I got my pass.

Negative and Positive Responses

However, in my “smiling experience”, I found out that not everyone is receptive to a smile. Some do not know how to react. Some do not know where to look. Some do not even acknowledge. And some look at me as if I’m crazy!! Luckily, my share of positive responses are way more than negative ones!

I’ve also come to realise that when I smile, it automatically opens up my heart and I drop judgement easily. As I open myself up, I also open up to all possibilities to reach me and I attract more positive outcomes into my life.

It does not cost us anything to smile. So, start smiling from the heart now and begin to attract positivity into your lives immediately!

Vivien Loh’s spiritual journey started in 2013 when her 9-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. From that very challenging experience as a mother, Vivien had learnt to see life from a different perspective. Having successfully gone through the most difficult test of her life, Vivien today, lives a fulfilling life, sharing her time, knowledge, and experience to make a positive difference in other peoples’s lives. Connect with her at