Introducing The Maitake Mushroom
The maitake mushroom is a well-known medicinal and culinary mushroom native to Japan. The maitake is also called the “dancing mushroom”.

Food As Medicine – The Healthy Goodness Of Yukiguni Maitake Mushrooms
Hippocrates said that “food is medicine”. This describes maitake mushrooms very well because it contains many nutrients to promote health, beauty, vigor and vitality.

The nutrients include:
1. Vitamin D to enhance the immune system, bones and muscles of growing children, facilitate motor function, and protect against osteoporosis.

2. High alpha and beta glucans to boost the immune system.

3. Strong antioxidants to arrest cellular deterioration and aging.

4. Insoluble dietary fiber to help maintain healthy intestinal environment and regularity, and expel
cholesterol from the body.

5. N-hexane extract to moderate blood sugar.

6. Low-cholesterol, low-sodium, fat-free and low calorie components to promote a healthy heart.

Medicine As Food – The Delicious Goodness
Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms contain a type of “umami” flavor which make them tastier. Together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness, “umami” is one of five basic tastes. Yukiguni maitakes can be roasted, grilled, baked, deep fried, sautéed or stir-fried. They are crispy even when boiled or stir fried.

This makes Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms perfect as a food that’s both versatile and delicious!

Ready To Eat
Yukiguni Maitake in 1983 succeeded in mass producing all-natural, pesticide-free and chemical-free maitake mushrooms using unique technology. The mushrooms are grown in the mountain farms of Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It’s this unique combination of factors that enhances the healing and delicious properties of Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms.

Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms are hygienically cultured in special clean and controlled facilities based on the ISO 22000 standard. The mushrooms can be enjoyed without washing. The quality and technical capability in farming Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms make it possible for the company to offer the world fresh, healthy and delicious maitake mushrooms.

Who Should Consume Yukiguni Maitake Mushrooms?
Health-conscious individuals, family with or without kids, and married couples who home-cook, shop for groceries and who are willing to spend a little more on delicious, high-nutrition foods which heal and protect the body.

Available at major AEON malls in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. If you wish to prepare these yummy healthy mushrooms for  your loved ones but are not sure how to do so, check out delicious maitake recipes at