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John: How are you feeling today?
Peter: I feel good.
John: Why?
Peter: Oh, I don’t know. I just feel good.

This “I don’t know” answer is quite typical for some people and it’s perfectly fine. Generally, people do not really pay attention to their own positive feelings of, say, happiness, joy, love or peace.  If you ask them to explain the “Good” or the “OK” feeling that they claim to feel, many will start to search in their mind as to why are they feeling so. They will pause for some time before they can explain it.

Explaining Negative Feelings Too Well
On the other hand, the same people will tend to be very good at explaining why they feel, for example, angry, sad, hurt or depressed.

John: How are you feeling today?
Peter: I feel angry and frustrated.
John: Why?
Peter: My team is doing well, we have met all the KPIs and yet we are not appreciated by the company. How am I to motivate my team when the company doesn’t seem to care?

What many do not realize is that the words we speak are a form of affirmation to ourselves which our bodies listen to closely and obey. Most of us are so good in expressing strong negative emotions compared to positive ones. However, our body does not differentiate negative from positive words and will just execute the affirmations we make through our speech.

Making A Change
Do you remember feeling very positive after sharing  some “feel good” experiences?

Do you remember feeling more negative after sharing bad experiences?

There is no fee to be paid to make a change in the way you say things. You can change your words and expressions that are negative to the positive today.

Start with the choice and firm decision to harness the power of positive words and expressions until they become a part of you. Always be aware of what you say.

Then do your best to construct your sentences using positive words. The more you harness the power of positive expressions, the more you will attract positive outcomes into your life.

For example, instead of, “I can’t speak well in front of a crowd.”, say, “I am learning to speak well in front of a crowd.”

Also, instead of, “My article was a total failure”, say, “I learnt what doesn’t work. I’ll do better next time.”

Start using positive expressions in your life from the moment you finish reading this article. Use the power of your words to change your life to a more positive one. Have fun!

Low Sheau Shy’s lifelong mission to re-connect with her true essence has led her to devote her life to bringing more love, peace and happiness to everyone. In her 7 years of training and healing, her strong and sharp intuition has transformed people through her meditation classes and workshops. She also offers one-on-one sessions of psychic reading, crystal healing and coaching to her clients. Sheau Shy can be contacted at sslow@thegoldenspace.com.my.