There is rush and excitement when we have to decorate, refurbish or spring clean our homes. This is the not much different from how we tend to our personal physical appearance and hygiene. For many of us, the main reason for such personal vanity is an innate fear of being criticized, judged or ridiculed. To a great extent, we also spend money on our earthly homes to make them look good, in order to make a statement to the outside world and feel good about ourselves.

But what about our “spiritual Home”, this “Home” that lies within us? When was the last time we gave a thought to this “real Home” that’s inside of us? Do you know that everything that we look for in the outside world, we already have within in our “spiritual Home”? All the treasures that we seek, be it love, peace, happiness, joy, health, respect, confidence, or all those other lovely things, can be found within.

Many of us knowingly dismiss thoughts of spring cleaning our inner Home, because we do not wish to see all the “rubbish” that we have accumulated there. And that’s what’s stopping us from accessing all those treasures be it love, peace, happiness, joy, health, respect or self-respect.

There is no other way out. We cannot expect beauty and fragrance, after collecting and dumping garbage in our homes over years. “What is with-in, is with-out” the sooner we know that, the better we shall become in handling our inner and outer worlds.

Here is a loving Angelic prayer that can help you with regular cleansing and purification of your sacred Home. You can say this prayer 3 times or 5 times each in the Morning and Night for one or more cycles of 21 days depending on your own personal situations and their intensity.

Angel Prayer:
“Dear God and Angels, I ask You to help me keep my soul, my inner sacred home where you reside, pure and pristine. Help me cleanse and clear all toxins of lower thoughts, words and deeds, cords and attachments that drain me. Help me to release to the Light all that is un-serving and all that has served its purpose. Help me to love and forgive all that has ever hurt or harmed me, including myself. Assist me to unveil the innate treasures lying deep within me with childlike trust, joy and excitement. Be with me to spread my inner love, joy and light with the world around. Help me each day to come back to this sacred home within, for all that I seek. Thank You and So Be It, So Be It, So Be It.”

Human empowerist, bestselling author, keynote speaker, spiritual mentor and Wholeistic Living Empowerist, Roshani Shenazz conducts private sessions, Spiritual Growth/Inner Potential Workshops, seminars, retreats, meditations and talks, in India and worldwide. She also practices and teaches Angel Soul Therapy and other Spiritual Transformation workshops for overall integration of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. She is the founder of Sparkling Angels Wholeistic Living & Holistic Healing Living and Meher Roshani Foundation in Mumbai, India and can be contacted at . Visit for more details.