Volume 25

Our Journey Of Colors

I have always loved colors and can’t imagine a world without vibrant hues and tones. Colors subtly heal us and our body responds beautifully well to them. The colors we are attracted to and unconsciously choose are also expressions of our deepest emotions.

If you are not able to identify your favorite color, just open your closet and see what primary colors stand out in there. Your choice of color or colors to wear and use, tells the story of the current phase in your life or the emotions that you are going through at a particular moment.

Although some of us may have a closet-full of vibrant colors, there will always be a primary color that one would choose to wear predominantly.

Be observant and enjoy all the wonderful colors that the Universe gifts you. Can you imagine a black and white world, a world without color? How boring it would be, to miss out on all the beautiful colors in the environment, the lively blues of the ocean, the refreshing greens of trees, the majestic browns of the mountains and so on.

So, let’s start on this colorful journey of discovery that I have specially prepared for you. There are eight colors for you to explore below; and I hope you have lots of fun discovering the layers of hidden emotions that you may not even realize you had within you.


If your primary color is red:

Are you seeking for attention consciously or unconsciously? Is there a ‘volcano’ waiting to erupt inside you? What are your frustrations toward life and in your current relationships with people, partner, peers or even your immediate superior?

On a more positive note, you are a passionate person and have a lot that you would like to give and explore.


If orange is your favorite color, or, as of late you are feeling drawn to this color:

Have you been giving away your personal power or have you been having trouble making decisions? What are you afraid of facing currently?

Is there a past traumatic experience that you have not yet resolved or that you are running away from? Do you feel that you are not good enough?

Not to worry as once you have made up your mind, you tend to give your best and nothing will stop you from manifesting our dreams and desires.


When you see the color yellow, does it not remind you of the sun or spring? Yellow emits an energy of fun and joyfulness.

Do you have difficulty bringing yourself out of your current rut? What are you unhappy about? Do you feel that your creativity is stifled?

When you emerge out of your dramas, perceptions or judgments, life can be a spark of joy. You’ll then be able to breathe with ease and to enjoy the moment, creating the life that you want.

Green is the color of nature. When we go into nature, we feel very relaxed and a wonderful sense of calm flows into our body, mind and soul.

Are you overwhelmed by too many responsibilities or things to do?

Are you nurturing yourself enough? Are you listening to your body and your heart?

Take some time to breathe, contemplate, rejuvenate and re-energize. It’s time to heal and honor yourself. Also, a time to connect with nature and let your hair down.


Blue is the color of a beautiful clear sky.

Are you afraid of authority figures? Do you have difficulty expressing yourself clearly or from your heart? Do you have difficulty trusting other people?

You are searching for peace. Sometimes you wish you could just run away to an island for some time-out by yourself.

Freedom is your mantra. Are you listening to your intuition? Flow with the messages that you receive.


This is the color of royalty and elegance.

Are you going with the flow or against the tide? What are you resisting and not letting go of? Do you easily feel tired and often can’t complete a given task?

On the other hand, when your body, mind and heart are in sync with the Universe, things will materialize with ease. It’s like you have a magic wand or a magic lamp.


If your closet is full of black attire:

Are you at the cross-roads of your life? Why do you choose to hide in the shadows? Have you been feeling anxious, stressed or depressed lately?

Or perhaps you like to appear mysterious and independent.

Personally, you can be pretty charming and creative.


If your favorite is white, the color of purity, be it with your attire or lifestyle:

What is it that you are running away from? Are you afraid of seeing the truth or reality?

You are seeking clarity, peace and answers in your life right now.

Beatrice Lee is a Women Wellness Specialist who finds great passion in empowering women to find their own voice and create the lives they want. With her in-born psychic ability, she helps women embrace and heal the most sacred part of their body – the womb – which has all to do with their feminity, fertility and reproductivity. As a Certified Meditation Instructor, Color Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Managing Director of The Golden Space Malaysia, Beatrice is dedicated to serving humanity to live purposeful and abundant lives. Beatrice can be reached at