Volume 25 – Infotorial

What Is Beautiful?
Presently, the most common idea of “beauty” still focuses a lot on external looks, and based mainly on Western standards of what “beauty” is. Promoted by global media and the glamor industry, this idea of beauty is ingrained into women, men and children everywhere.

Arguably, true beauty should be holistic beauty, which means to say that the “inner” beauty is as important, if not more important, than the “outer” beauty of how someone looks.

Scientific studies in psycho-dermatology have shown the relationship between mind and skin, that we can actually beautify and heal the skin through a happier “inner” life without unhealthy stress, and this translates into inner beauty.

Developing Inner & Outer (Holistic) Beauty
“We see the beauty within and cannot say no.” ~ Dave Eggers, writer.

So how do you develop inner beauty?

By MEDITATING, having a positive mindset and doing body detox. These practices de-stress the skin (and the entire body) making it look healthier, more radiant and more beautiful. Holistic beauty also requires us to exercise and practice proper diet that balances the body and not stresses it unhealthily.

“External” assistance may be needed to boost the healing and health process when our body cannot do it by itself. This is where good organic-based products and services may be used depending on one’s condition and preferences on “outer” beauty.

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It’s surely time for everyone to make that transformation to real wholesome beauty.

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The Golden Space Malaysia continues to build on its powerful belief in awakened human beings living in peaceful, loving and caring existence. We also support our mission towards a sustainable and conscious world through our community-based initiative – Guardians of Mother Earth.