My Story

To the outsider, there was nothing extraordinary about my childhood. Reality was different. I grew up alone, with independent thoughts even at a young age and an innate ability to trust my intuition. This kept me safe amidst a dysfunctional and volatile family environment with mental health and substance abuse issues. My brother Roy was the only person I felt a connection with, a connection which strengthened after his passing in 2006.

I have been psychic since I was a child. I had many prophetic visions and dreams that came true. I had a clear knowing and understanding of people and situations. This gift would help me achieve my dream of seeing the world. I often pick up on travel when I do my psychic readings. It may be shown to me as a holiday or adventure, to break the monotony of life or for personal growth or awareness. The travel I pick up on may also relate to a change in life, a career move or a relationship matter.

A Passion

Travel is my passion in life. Travel has always been more empowering and satisfying for me than any personal, academic, or professional achievement. I often realize how lucky I was to grow up in Australia, to be given the opportunity of education and the ability to make my own money and to live where I want. I have the freedom to make decisions about relationships, marriage, and life in general.

In my travels, I try to stay longer at places I feel a connection with or I make sure I revisited these places. My spiritual abilities are always heightened. I see orbs or imagery and even have more vivid dreams. I often hear, feel, or smell things that other people do not. I often know the layout of places, such as castles or places where spiritual ceremonies had been held in the past.

Travel often offers a different perspective, which is something that I innately had as a child. It really felt like I was living with the wrong family and that I needed to get away to start living my own life. It was a gut feeling that things were not right and that I could live a much better life, where people could be kind to one another and bring out the best in others.

I had already decided to travel the world as a child. To date, I have been to 83 countries. My friend Robert Dark ‘Rob’ had a similar realization when just a boy and had traveled to almost a hundred more countries than me.

Rob & Me

I meet such wonderful and interesting people on my travels. I’m always drawn to thought provoking people and all the people I meet on my travels are no exception. One such individual was Rob, whom I instantly felt comfortable with when we first met.

I met Rob in London in 2001 when we were both excitedly waiting to board a bus to do a six-week Contiki tour of 17 countries around Europe. Shortly after meeting, it felt like we had been friends for years. We shared a quirky sense of humor and a scientific understanding of the world.

Rob saw his Science degree as a means to an end, which was to have a good income to travel and experience life. I shared the same view. Life to us had always been more about spiritual growth and experience, rather than money or achievement. Rob and I shared many workplace stories about the scientific and medical environments we worked in.

Rob and I remained good friends after that tour. We both had British Isles ancestry and decided to stay on in the United Kingdom after our tour. We had birthdays exactly one year and a day apart. Since knowing each other, we shared many travels together and had countless chats about travel and life. We were closely connected in so many ways, like two peas in a pod.

There’s Something About Rob

Rob and I thought it was uncanny how one can have an instant connection with someone else and discover in time, that both have had many life events which occurred at similar ages.

Rob had a traumatic childhood and grew up in foster homes. I had a more stable upbringing than Rob although my family certainly had problems. Rob went interstate so that he could further his education and go to university for his degree. I moved to a different state to finish mine. Many people often wonder what it’s like when we meet a soul mate. Well, a soul mate is someone you recognize instantly. It could be a friend, family member or romantic partner. For me, I had the knowing that Rob was my soul mate connection. Although we got along so well, I also had the knowing that we would never be romantically involved. And that would not change.

The wonderful thing is that in a relationship, life lessons can be taught and learned by both people in many ways, regardless of the type of relationship involved. I often wondered if Rob and I had a karmic relationship, where there are lessons to be taught and learned. To date, I’m still unsure whether I learned things along the way from Rob, or I had taught him his lessons. Whichever it was, I know that I had learned many of my lessons through him, lessons which made me a more aware and better person.

Rob gave me away at my wedding four years ago. My father had already passed on 25 years before, and I did feel more connected with Rob than with any of my own brothers and family. Rob was the logical choice for that occasion of my life and most of all, it just felt right. By then I had already recognized our special connection on a spiritual level. We had a very special connection that transcended the female-male relationship paradigm.

Nothing Ends When Love Is

Rob loved the water and was an avid diver. He went diving around the world and was a qualified dive instructor. He was also an amazing photographer and took pride in his many stunning photos, including those from his dives. He told me many stories about his exciting dives, particularly the ones in Africa and Asia. Together, he and I once went scuba diving at Hurghada, Egypt.

One day, Robert Dark ‘Rob’ left – diving off the coast of Western Australia. The exact cause of his death was never found. He possibly had a seizure or heart failure, leading to a drowning. Until today, it gives me comfort that he died doing something he loved.

Rob’s Messages

For me, two things can be learned from Rob’s passing. The first is to use common sense and follow medical advice. Rob often let his pride get in the way and did not tell people the extent of his medical issues which stemmed from childhood injuries.

Secondly, make happiness your currency, rather than placing importance on materialistic things. Rob was a minimalist, who lived his life not knowing what was around the corner. He often said exactly that and told me he did not expect to live a long life. He was happy. He traveled and experienced life to the fullest. Rob was a great example of someone who achieved a great deal from humble beginnings.

I encourage everyone to travel and try different things in life. Be open-minded and receptive to understanding the spiritual meaning of your experience. You never know what you could experience or who you could meet. I hope you meet someone like Rob, who made my life richer because of him having been in it. And to this day, he still does.

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Rhonda Kelly is an International Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Empath, Medical Intuitive and Dream Interpreter. Her mission is to empower people through her connections by trusting their intuition. She receives messages through sight, sound, smell, feel and taste. Rhonda is a regular on Psychic TV Australia and teaches psychic development. She is an author and the founder of Ocean Wings Psychic & Spiritual fairs. Rhonda looks forward to returning to the bodymindsoul Festival. Rhonda can be contacted through:; Facebook: Rhonda’s Readings by Rhonda Kelly; Instagram: @psychicrhondakelly; Twitter: @RhondaPsychic and YouTube, Purple Ocean & Patreon: Rhonda’s Readings.