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I usually guide clients to pick what resonates with them. That’s quite easy for those who are already tuned into their intuition or are more on the “sensitive” side. For those who are not, please read on.

For this review, I have picked a few decks that I usually work with. Do note that these are oracle cards, and not tarot cards.

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE ~ by Sonia Choquette 

Ahh… here’s the first deck that I was advised by an experienced reader to get. I remember thinking how simple and straightforward the illustrations as well as the words/phrases on the cards were. I should not have underestimated the deck’s powers.

Now each time this 62-card deck calls out to me, I know the Universe wants me to make some serious changes. Or it is time to listen to messages that (my ego and) I do not exactly want to hear. “Stop”, “Be patient”, “Put others first” and “Turn on the light” were some nuggets of tough advice that were sent my way.

It also told me to “Dare to be happy”, “Change the scenery” and “Have fun”.

If you flip through the guidebook, you will see the following written in the introduction, “This deck is designed to help activate and immediately shift your energy away from ego-based fear – the lowest and most harmful vibration in which you can live – to the loving and powerful creative force of our Divine Spirit, the highest one in which you can live.”

This is a great deck if you are starting out on your spiritual journey. The guidebook gives you sufficient explanations for upright cards, allowing you to successfully deal with your ego and uncertainties and jump ahead in life.

ENERGY ORACLE CARDS ~ by Sandra Anne Taylor

This deck has made some of my fellow oracle card readers stop in their tracks. Lovingly, they go through the cards in amazement. Each card has a gilt border, adding to its overall light energy and heavenly feel.

There is a total of 53 cards, each one with lightly colored yet detailed illustration and a word/phrase to describe the situation. When reading, my eye sometimes catches the smallest of details, bringing in amazingly valuable input for clients.

When I say aloud the words that usually represent not so pleasant characteristics such as “Envy”, the visual image that flits across my mind can be dark. But in this deck, there is still a lightness to Card no. 20 for envy. A man in black is looking out at a bright scene. What could the message be? That envy can be turned into something positive? The interpretation, of course, will float in to suit the client that sits before me.

Taylor has given most of her cards a very positive feel and look. There are only 2 cards that gives me a slight feeling of doom. But hey, sometimes in life, we do need those dire warnings.

The deck does come with a guidebook. Taylor gives interpretations for each card in upright and reverse positions, and finishes off with an affirmation. So, if you are not able to intuitively pick up messages from the card, the guidebook is there to help you interpret.

Generally, her explanations are easy to read and grasp. This is a good set if you are sometimes open to abstract messages. It always gives me hope and solutions for the present and future. It also helps me find peace for what cannot be changed about the past.

SACRED REBELS ORACLE ~ by Alana Fairchild

This is not a deck that I would have picked for myself. Someone dear to me gave it as a gift. I was immensely grateful but at the same time surprised as it was vastly different from my other “simpler” decks.

The box itself is in a slightly darker shade with three female figures. Initially I found some of the card illustrations to be abstract, “heavy” and “deep”. Although there were words on each card, it often took me a few minutes to tune into the message. Frankly, this deck by Fairchild is not one that I use for just any client. The lucky clients that I read it for are old souls who are ready for deep answers to carve out their future.

Here’s what happened as I started to use this deck of 44 cards for myself. After connecting to the illustration on the card, I would turn to the guidebook. There is a wealth of knowledge in the 180-page book. As I was flipping through another deck by Fairchild called Isis, I noticed that her style is to be very thorough in her messages with ample examples. By the way, that is the next deck I will be getting for myself!

Along with the extensive explanation for each card, Fairchild always provides a recommended healing process. For people who are at a loss of how to heal themselves through meditation, this is absolutely perfect! She provides the appropriate words and affirmations to use, along with a meditation.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who always uses the guidebook that comes along with oracle decks. But if you do not, you may want to think twice, especially if you are a beginner. Look at the picture on the deck, close your eyes, and try to sense if they are right for you.

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