Not only does each type of crystal contain energy within its own spectrum, but each individual crystal also contains its very own individual energy signal and aura.

Magnify a crystal sufficiently and get down to the atomic level, what you will see are single atoms in motion, surrounded by a lot of space, which is quantum energy.

If we are choosing a crystal and feel drawn to a particular one, this is because it is either in harmony with our own energy vibration or it possesses some essential qualities within its energy that can raise our vibrations to benefit us in some way.

Crystal healers work with this energy by feeling what an individual requires in terms of re-balancing or emotional healing; and then choosing a crystal or crystals that will help that person to heal themselves and re-achieve harmony within their emotional and physical bodies.

There are numerous ways that crystals can be utilized to benefit our home environment. They can be used to help clear negativity, create a relaxing room or energize the atmosphere. Protection for the home is another way to use crystals.

Cleansing Negativity

The best crystal for maintaining a positive environment is a nice large Amethyst Cluster. You can place it in the room that you wish to treat and leave the crystal to do its work. The Amethyst Cluster can also be used for protection against electromagnetic energy emitted by computers and televisions. To do this, place a small Amethyst Cluster next to these electrical items. Alternatively, use a Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) as it is believed that this plant happily absorbs potentially harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiations and can still thrive.


Rose Quartz is a gorgeous stone to have around the home. It is suitable for use in creating a relaxing room. Usually sold as solid pieces of rock, this beautiful pink stone is also known as the Love Stone. Use a piece of at least ½ kg in weight to treat a normal room. Place tumble-polished pieces of Rose Quartz in a crystal bowl to spread the feeling of love in a personal space.


You might wish to create an environment that is full of pure energized vibrations. For this, a Quartz Crystal Cluster or Large Quartz Point is ideal. It is perfect for use in an office as well because it is reputed to inspire brilliant ideas and allow people to function to the best. Quartz is also used for developing latent psychic ability, so it is perfect for inspiring intuition and creative thought.


We all wish our homes to not only be relaxing but also safe. For a little extra help in creating a perfect retreat from the world, a large piece of Smoky Quartz is the crystal of choice; whether in the form of a Point, Cluster or Mineral Rock, it will do its job well. Or as with Rose Quartz, get some beautiful tumble-polished ones and place them in a crystal bowl.


Quartz or Rock Crystal acts as a magnifier of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Personally, I find that if I meditate while wearing a Quartz Point pendant, the insights gained tend to be deeper and the experience is more consciousness-expanding.

There are large Quartz Points weighing anything upwards of a kilogram up to giant ones weighing as much as a person; these all make excellent meditation pieces.

I once buried one of these next to a tree I meditated by and believe me the insights gained during that time were definitely transcendent!

For protection when meditating, have a Smokey Quartz point in the room or upon your person.

For journeying during meditation, hold a piece of Rutilated Quartz in the hand you write with or wear jewelry containing this crystal.

A Rewarding Journey With Crystals

I love crystals, for their beauty and all that they have given me over decades of getting to know them. My own journey began well over thirty years ago and continues every day, always discovering new insights and applications for crystals.

May all your discoveries be happy ones, and may you live within love and peace.

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Dean Fraser’s quest for metaphysical growth has seen him travel across two continents in search of truth, network with fellow seekers of enlightenment and visit sacred sites to attune with their energies. Over the last three decades, Dean has become one of the world’s leading advocates of dowsing as a means of connecting to our intuition. He empowers others to self-heal and adopt a holistic lifestyle. Dean has also designed and written a Crystal Healing course for a well-known university in the West Midlands area of England. Find out more at