Our Just Desserts

We get what we deserve.

You’ve heard this phrase many times. It contains a serious truth because there is always cause and effect in this funny world.

So, what’s the cause?

The cause is you. Yes, you! You sow what you reap, you harvest the fruits of your labor, you eat what you farm, well, you get the idea…

Rule No. 1 + Rule No. 2

Arguably the Rule No. 1 of living a happy life is taking responsibility.

The Rule No. 2 is acceptance.

Add Rule No. 1 and Rule No. 2 and you get “accepting responsibility”.

 The Great Freedom

So instead of blaming your parents, your teacher, your politician (although how tempting it may be to do so), your foreigner neighbor and your pet goldfish, do accept responsibility for what’s happening in your life right now.

This is the Great Freedom, which basically is the freedom to be who you are instead of depending on other people and events to define you and your behavior.

When you allow yourself this freedom to be free from outside interference, you are taking responsibility to be the person you want to be instead of being run by the programs that were installed in your brain since you were born.

Those programs are the behaviors and beliefs that you copy from the significant people and events in your life, programs which could help or hurt you for the rest of your life.

These programs dictate who you should be and how you should behave in set circumstances, none of which allow you to express yourself in possibly healthier ways that you would if left to your own devices.

These programs, for better or worse, have made you a prisoner in your own your mind; without the freedom to express yourself authentically.

Not All Dangers Are Mortal Dangers – Really?

But you might ask, aren’t these programs meant to protect us from the dangers that’s out there in the world, and cope with all the challenges that one would face as a human being?

Yes and no. If the program teaches you to stay away from mortal danger (for example, the program that warns you against taking a selfie standing on one leg at the edge of a cliff), and teaches you good things like hygiene and how to take care of your body, then that’s fine.

“Bad” Programming!

But not programs that, for example, tell you that rich people are greedy (so you shouldn’t be rich if you don’t want to be labelled as greedy) or those that scare you into being afraid of noises in the dark or of people who are different from you: these are not fine – not by a long shot.

Because “bad” programs such as these:

– limit your self-belief, self-esteem and therefore your very empowerment to be the limitless being that you potentially can be,

– are written in the language of fear which stops you from expressing the love, peace and joy that you fundamentally are.

This is not to say that other people are bad people and the world is a bad world that’s conspiring to stop us from being the love, peace and joy that we are.

It is just that human consciousness has not yet come to a stage where we know ourselves as eternal souls and not just biological beings, so many, many people still have a very strong, even caveman-like, survival instinct that kicks in as defense when any threat is perceived.

Unfortunately, we tend to spread this limited consciousness, as mental memes. A meme is like a virus which finds a willing mind as host, infects the mind and replicates itself by influencing other willing minds. Hence ignorance spreads and conflicts, for example, continue to plague the world.

 Live Free in Your Soul

Freedom is the breaking of the shackles of the bad programming that had limited us from fully expressing the love, peace, joy and all the fantastic qualities of being that we are.

Therefore, do not rely on the imprisoned mind so much, for it itself has not tasted freedom to know what truth is outside of its walls. Seek out the freedom that is outside of the mind, the freedom that is known by acknowledging the eternal soul that has been waiting all this time for us to awaken to its presence.

Live free and take responsibility – you’ll find that life is NOT a b – – – – – after all, but instead, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Chong Bing Kuan has a strong passion for self-awareness. He currently dedicates himself to helping individuals live happier, healthier, holistically empowered lives with an emphasis on connecting with one’s inner self. His vision is for a world of self-aware people living in happiness, peace and harmony. His present workshop “The Path of Your Heart” helps people unlock and use their heart intelligence to live more holistic and happier lives. Get in touch with Bing Kuan at