Volume 28

My Story

We are all given one chance at life, but a select few are given two. I was very blessed to be one of those few… To me, life is a journey to discover who you are, what your purpose is and how you can serve others. Many have not realized this yet.

There are 2 days in life that are guaranteed; the day we arrive and the day we leave, but the most important days of our lives are the days in between.

Life Is A Bed of Roses, Or Is It?

We experience our individual realities and journeys, look at daily happenings and classify them as good luck and bad luck. I can’t say I have a shared mindset about luck, but I do see it in the sense that good luck = blessings and bad luck =  challenges.

Everything that happens in life teaches us something that either grows us, helps us to help others or reveals new perspectives to us.

Have you ever struggled to find that new door to walk through?  The door that will lead you to the next milestone? I’m sure we all have been there but what if you thought about it this way: the door you may be searching for is not in front of you because – it is you.

Sometimes we are the door for another person to direct them to a fruitful path which in turn may (or may not) open a door for us in the future. It may not be widely accepted yet, but the mentality of serving without receiving is the best way I know how to live. When we give to receive, we are not giving; we’re trading. But when we give from the heart without expectation, we’re allowing life the opportunity to be rewarding.

Choices & Decisions

Speaking of luck and mindset, I have had my blessings and challenges in 2020 as we all have, but here is how I was given my purpose and found my door. I was initially diagnosed with brain cancer the past year. I was told there were certain ways I would have to live my life and a certain expectancy on how long I would live. With this being told, I had to make an immediate choice.

I could either accept my diagnosis and let it defeat me, or choose to remain empowered and make my life the way I want it.

We Are A Story

The point of this is to let you know that our lives, our stories and our thoughts are what make us unique. What is a name on a sheet of paper to a person you’ve never met or heard of? Nothing but letters written in ink, right?

Now, what happens when you see a name and you know that person, or have read his story? A surge of thoughts, emotions and associations suddenly come through your mind, right? That is legacy, that is power and that is what life is about.

All in all, we are a story; a memory that someone will remember or forget at the end of our stay on Earth.

Power In Pain, Uncertainty & Strife

When I was diagnosed, I kept my focus on the bigger picture, the blessings for which I’m grateful for, my faith and how I needed to serve and change my life. I believe there are many things in life we go through that cause us pain, uncertainty and strife, things which are potential powerhouses to move us forward and get our life story back on track.

When you experienced a painful time of the past, do you remember how weak, defeated and alone you felt? That sense of vulnerability?

What about the times when you were exuberant, joyful and couldn’t stop laughing or smiling? Do you remember the energy you felt? The sense of invincibility?

This is the power I’m referring too.

We have the ability to turn pain and sadness into powerful purposes and motivation to get us to joy, success and happiness. It’s all about our mindset and vision. Take time to think about this and know that there are always decisions in situations that lead us to action. Every action has a consequence (whether it’s positive or negative), and we learn from it.

Our Life, Our Terms

I told my doctor that I believed he is a gifted man of his profession and that he would surely do his best to help me, but he is not me nor my creator, so I could not take his word for my diagnosis and life expectancy. Upon waking from my surgery, he was by my side. He calmly told me that the test results showed that the tumor was benign. I smiled and closed my eyes.

Life can be unpredictable in so many ways but the key is to stay strong, have faith and don’t give up the power of your story. Write it on your terms and hold fast because in the end, it’s not about how long you’ve lived, but how you’ve lived.

Find something to be grateful for every day of your life and give thanks every morning! Because simply, it is about the good we’ve done, the friends we’ve made and the love we’ve shared along the way, which is how we’ll be remembered.

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Andrew Williams is a musical aficionado, life-loving, brain tumor-surviving, runway-walking, commercial-appearing, nutrition and fitness-teaching, survivor-coaching, entrepreneur and flawed human being with a vigor for helping people  row, learn, and, love the shoe size they were born into. His heart yearns to be understood, loved and free but is a wild creature caged by his ribs. He believes we all strive to be a part of something, but we should be THE SOMETHING. If your life is worth living, it’s worth writing down. Find out more at