– October to December 2020
Volume 26


Moving Towards The Heart
The world is changing at a rapid rate and this will happen even faster in the upcoming months. There appears to be no linear solution to crises we face, whether environmental, physical or energetic. Attempts to solve problems and situations based on the old mindset, strategies and “standard protocols” without being anchored to the heart have failed. For the situations that still work out, you’ll find that there is dedication (a product of heart energy) or mind mastery at a deeper level.

It’s the heart that supports the structure. If one doesn’t put heart and dedication into doing things, projects will fail in the present Earth energy.

Relationships & Conflicts
Many people have been experiencing psychological stress since March 2020. This has been reflected in relationships, resulting in insomnia, hypertension, emotional problems and other afflictions. As events keep piling up, this situation will escalate until the coming November. It’s thus advisable to stay away from those with whom you have conflict, to stop things from getting worse.

September saw changes reaching the physical level, with angelic presence smoothening what surfaced. The month started with a streak of Central Sun ray blasting through space-time, bringing more awareness to humanity. This brought additional challenges to groups and teams, and even companies that were already having internal conflicts. In contrast, groups, teams and companies that were more connected with the Universe had the chance to quantum leap to better prospects.

Get Aware
Change if you’re not happy with your work. Work on your perception if you’re not happy with your relationship or family. What you aren’t happy with has been escalating, due maybe to everyone being so tired. What’s been happening is partly due to the unconscious choices we make. We need to quickly raise our awareness, or it could get ridiculously confusing.

We are now at a phase where our thoughts manifest very quick. Choose your reality. To stay positive in challenging times, set clear intention to make a swift decision to move out from it.

Meditation is recommended for all emotional healings. Take it as a cheap way to heal, rejuvenate and “upgrade”.

Notes For Light Towers & Lightworkers
Mystics and healers are being called. Lightworkers who are prepared are seeing increasing numbers of people coming to them. If you have prepared yourself at the start of the year, there’s a big chance that you are already in the momentum. People are seeking for Light Towers to be awakened and  guided. For Lightworkers who are trying too hard and getting no result, we recommend you stay inward to solve the block first before trying to help the world. Focus on self-mastery. Let go of projects and work that don’t align with your Higher Self. Start your soul’s work. The world needs you. Now is the time.

Those who are ready must hold the Light. Bless the Earth while you roll out your work. Work smart and work with those who are similarly prepared. Become the Tribe Master if needed.

October to December 2020 will see the physical transformation of the world. The stress that the masses are facing, likened to the tension of a bow being drawn, will peak by year end. When people are forced into a corner, a very different understanding arises in them. As the stress in the matrix system builds up, it’s important to master your mind.

Start changing perceptions and ways of doing things. If you are not happy at your work, in your family life, in relationships, or if you are holding on to grudges, it’s time to see things differently.  Look within yourself, and you’ll find the answer. Emotional stabilization is the key to sailing through what remains of 2020.

Matrix: Events will start to quicken the pace of disassembling the matrix. People will begin to experience the tightening grip on the matrix. The matrix is actually disassembling itself as the community starts to realize how surreal and ridiculous things are getting. Events will propel everyone to restructure, rethink and reposition. Those who hold on to negative-oriented structures will begin to see a new reality surfacing, requiring trust and inner work in order to fit the new order. Confusion and fear will prevail in the community. Something major may happen between end October and mid-November. People will feel surreal at first, until they notice what’s happening and it will turn to surprise and even shock.

There will be much separation and division as people prioritize themselves. Even in companies, the mess of relationships will create stress and dysfunctionality. In the bigger picture, fear will consume itself. These separations will be inevitable if each side keeps playing the old paradigm games.

To solve the puzzle, we will just need to make every one of our intentions good. Do everything from the heart. Respond and not react. Clear our emotions. These actions can easily break the vicious cycles we find ourselves in.

Take up a spiritual course if you feel you need guidance. A negative belief system is like poison which will manifest into a bad reality.

Lightworkers: A sense of failure and oppression will fill part of the matrix because most people are only just getting prepared spiritually to integrate into the cosmic change. We need to prepare products and services to release fear, heal their spirit and most importantly show them the way. Scale up! The golden opportunity lies online. Explore online business models and integrate them before November. Be fluid; flowing with the Universe is key.

Don’t worry about holding on to current students and customers. We each represent a part of the Universe. The student needs to learn different aspects of the truth from different sources. The best way to expand is to let it flow. We just need to give the best of ourselves and trust the Force. Harboring envy or need for control will greatly discount the Light intervention.

Those who are trained in Light will be called upfront to serve humanity and will become very powerful. State your clear intent as to how you want to serve humanity. Call in the Light to help smoothen your path. Live like the Alchemist and Lightworker that you are! You will be able to turn the tide at the right time!

Matrix: What happens in November will change everything and make history. It’s of utmost importance to live consciously. A series of events will catalyze consequences that will lead to events of major impact. The history of humanity has shown how a chain of events can have big consequences. This will be a test of what humanity has learned so far to stay in a better reality. Many people will need guidance and be ready to learn about themselves spiritually – otherwise, there is no path to relief. The online presence of such groups as “Spiritual YouTubers” will become important around this time for those with emotional needs. We say again that emotional  stabilization is part of the key to sail through the rest of the difficult 2020 voyage at this time.

Major events will happen in combination. And we need to do what it takes to stabilize the Light grid and our community.

Closer to December, the journey will get tougher and more surreal for individuals who not yet know how to use the Universe’s energy. If you haven’t yet found yourself, there isn’t much time before December. If that’s so, just keep balancing the motions as best as you can, or you can sign up for a quick spiritual course to discover the Self. Learn to meditate today.

Lightworkers: Participate in group or mass meditations to stabilize the Light grid. Maintaining a good ratio of Light will project humanity to a better timeline. There will be a few important celestial alignments that will bring massive Light to clear the fear and anxiety in people. Do not miss these alignments as these are the moments when what you do will affect the full spectrum of realities.

This is also the time you can contribute much to humanity as the chaos seems to wake more people up. Miracles do happen during storms. Pay absolute attention and stay connected with your Higher Self so that you can summon the Light!


Matrix: Many things will slow down including the economy. The fear-based mentality of individuals and the community will see more and more fear-based choices made, resulting in serious dilemmas.

Old systems have led to the calcification of the personality. If we don’t change now, then when? Only when we choose a heart-based belief system do we learn to live and break free from the chronic dilemma that we’ve been facing throughout our lives. When we reach this understanding of the heart-based system, it will lead to co-creation on a planetary scale.

Prepare for the mass awakening.

The best thing to do is to come together in mass meditation to anchor the Light and experience deep peace and healing. Love is always the answer. You will never lose out in the long run when you choose love as your intention.

Many aren’t sleeping well as they are waking up in the middle of the night. People are feeling something amiss and there will be much soul-searching. Use Lapiz Lazuli crystal to stabilize mental instability. The best remedy is still meditation and connecting with nature.

Lightworkers: Continue organizing group and mass meditations to stabilize the Light grid. If humanity is ready, the arrow will be released from the bow in February 2021 or sooner. Technology and spirituality will see a boom. A world of harmonic co-creation will take off and for this to happen, it requires all of us to walk the path.

Many people will be open to follow “the spiritual path” as they begin to realize that going inwards is the only solution that’ll work. This will require every one of the Starseeds, ready or not, to come forward and show the way.

There will be a lot of support for Lightworkers and the conditions during this time will be very different. Lightwork manifestation will be at its peak. At the break of dawn, crimson blue will light up the horizon.

emblem for protection

Use this crop circle emblem for protection and connection to Source. It reduces energetic attacks.

November 12 – Jupiter Pluto
December 11 – 3rd Pluto Eris
December 14 – Total Solar Eclipse – even more pressure upon the cabal
December 17 – Saturn enters Aquarius for 2nd time
December 18 – Sun Conjunct Galactic Center (happens every year around this time)
December 21 – Solstice. Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. This astrologically starts the Age of Aquarius. Mars in Aries square Pluto.



Note: We can reduce the probability of MCO 2.0 by blessing the Earth and visualizing the community and country free from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do join these major mass meditations or organize your own! Maximize the good quantum projections during the dates. This is the time we anchor Heaven on Earth!

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