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Volume 26 – Infotorial

It Doesn’t Only Happen In The Movies

As humans, we are on a journey which allows many realities to emerge through us. Our human body is very much like an instrument that allows many realities to be experienced. Playing different roles in different relationships is like playing the guitar which creates beautiful music when the different strings are strummed together in harmony.

Also, each of our body’s chakras is like a guitar string which allows different tones or pitches to emerge. When we learn how to wield the power in our chakras, we can end imbalances in our lives and easily manifest the things we want.

As many of us are busy earning a living daily, this “guitar” that is our body plays the same old “song” day after day. But without self-mastery, the song becomes repetitive, dull and laborious. Therefore, we need to transform at the personal level. To transform, we first need to “tune our guitar”, and do mindfulness training after that. There are many masters and modalities that we can learn from to take us through this incredible human journey and one of the secrets is actually to master our mind.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi

Lemuria Light has experienced, professional teams to help humanity transform. We integrate technology with spirituality to aid humanity’s spiritual development.

We have the following unique services to help you gain clarity about your well-being:

1. Energy Aura Scanning and Reading (in Chinese) with a photograph of your aura – this is Lemuria Light’s way of giving back to the community (this will also be available online soon). We read and interpret troubling emotional issues and guide people to be free from negative emotional struggles. Coaching is available for self-management and coping strategies.

2. The Biophoton Acupuncture Pen (pictured below) helps clear energies in your home so that you and your family can enjoy an energetically clean and harmonious home space. The pen can also be used to clear your energies before you meditate. An easy way to cleanse energies quickly. Lightweight and can be carried anywhere.

Biophoton Acupuncture Pen

3. Tachyon Chamber Healing – Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. Not only are they used to tune chakras back to balance, they also infuse cosmic energy into the person resulting in:

  • more energy sensitivity
  • higher happiness and creativity levels and
  • a great increase in the body’s vibrations.

For more details, visit Starfield Wellness Sdn Bhd at www.lemurialight.com

Lemuria Light is a channel to bring in the knowledge of eco-friendly lifestyle for our society. Our center promotes personal health practices and products and help build an eco- community. We strongly believe that knowledge is the key to manifest a healthy and harmonious lifestyle and we serve the public as an information center. Lemuria Light facilitates energy healing, aura scanning, cellular memory scanning and mass meditation to help people understand their full dynamic spiritual self. We focus on helping people manifest their well-being on a different level. Contact us at: +6016-200 8151.