Mental Well-Being

Being mentally well by many experts’ accounts is when our minds are in order and functioning in our best interests.

Primary early symptoms of mental “un-wellness” include anxiety, stress and depression, which result in one’s inability to cope with the demands of daily life – exactly what we are witnessing with many people today.

The past year had caused major upheavals in lifestyles. Many of us have lost our sense of well-being and security. We feel helpless, confused, frustrated and alone. We cannot think clearly. Our minds are cluttered with all sorts of negative and unhealthy thoughts, causing imbalances in body, mind and soul.

Meditation & The New Wellness

Lifestyle problems require lifestyle solutions like proper diet, sleep and exercise and on top of that, a high degree of mental wellness.

A recent addition to the new wellness toolkit is meditation, an age-old practice which has been used as one of the most effective ways toward attaining mental wellness.

Mental wellness is when the mind is functioning in our best interest. And our best interest means balanced and healthy mind, body and soul. As proven over thousands of years until today, there is no better tool than meditation for us to achieve mental wellness.

Meditation does what our stressful modern lifestyle “solutions” cannot achieve – it brings us back to balance. From the perspective of mental wellness, the meditation for mental relaxation is especially powerful in de-cluttering our minds to give us the needed clarity, focus and positive mindset to better handle the challenges we face in these very challenging times.

The Golden Space Malaysia offers unlimited meditation classes at RM211 (incl. SST). T&C applies.

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