I am a dreamer. Since I was a teenager, I wanted to travel around the world to experience life. I wanted very much to study abroad, however my family could not even afford to send me to study in Singapore. Then I got to know that my dad’s company offered scholarships for the staff’s children to study in United States of America.

The idea of applying for the scholarship gave me a little hope. The reason I said “a little hope” was because I was just an average student. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in the future. At that time it was very unusual for an average student to get a company to sponsor her studies abroad. But I didn’t give up hope. I studied hard, went to the library to borrow English books to improve my English.

Prayers & Hard Work

I prayed to Quan Yin, Buddha and all the Masters that came to my mind. I walked to the local temple daily to offer my prayers. I also started to visualize my life in overseas, the difficult as well as the fun stuff. How I would move about in winter, the kind of clothes I would wear, etc.

Despite my hard work, I didn’t do well in the SPM trial exams. I despaired. I didn’t want to give up my opportunity to study abroad. I asked around and was told that I could ask the school to provide a forecast of my SPM results, sit for aTOEFL test and a SAT test in order to apply for the scholarship. So I did all that I was supposed to do.

But I didn’t do well for the SAT and TOEFL test either. However, the teacher still gave me a good forecast and that motivated me to retake the SAT and TOEFL. By then, many of my friends had already secured their plans to study overseas and some had even started their classes abroad.

I became frustrated and started questioning the Masters but I didn’t give up. At that time I had not received the 500 marks for the TOEFL test, the requirements set by the university. I made a decision and told my mom that I wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur to concentrate on studying English. My mom agreed and I quit school to focus on studying English.

Heartbreak & Hope

One month later, I received a heartbreaking letter, the Foundation couldn’t offer me the sponsorship at that time, however they promised to put me on the waiting list. My mom was very worried about me because I could not go back to school as I couldn’t catch up with the syllabus. The only thing I did the only thing I could do which was prepare for my TOEFL exam. I had nowhere to go.

After 3 months, having completed the English course in KL, I went home. I remembered very vividly the day I received the second letter from the Foundation. When the postman shouted out my name, my heart pounded very fast and my hands trembled.

I opened up the letter that said they decided to offer me the sponsorship after all. After a few hours immersed in the feelings of happiness, I realized that there was another obstacle, I did not have an acceptance letter from any university yet! And the scholarship was only valid for that semester so if I didn’t accept it, I would lose my spot.

Persistence & Divine Timing

Furthermore, the closest TOEFL test that I had yet to take was at the end of August, which was too late for the September intake. Finally I managed to get help from one of my secondary school seniors who was studying in the same university I chose to apply to. He convinced the principal to accept me, provided that I made the 500 marks requirement, the next TOEFL exam. Needless to say, I made it.

So in one month’s time, I settled my visa, my two older brothers sponsored my air ticket, winter clothing and luggage. My Mom took out her savings for my other expenses. At that time, I didn’t know anything about concept of manifestation at all. All I knew was that I should never give up and keep on going.

Divine timing may not match ours, but I believe we can create our reality and I realized that when I made the decision to achieve my target, all the obstacles gave way. This is the most important ingredient in the recipe. Decide, make the choice.

For Lim Lean Sim, her first miracle in life happened at age 18 when against all odds, a good samaritan fully sponsored her university studies in the United States. That was when she first started to believe in miracles. She then went on to learn more about manifesting miracles in her life from the book “The Secret”. Through her manifestations Sim discovered her life purpose, bringing love, hope and courage to people. You can get in touch with Sim at