Volume 5

Remembering Who We Are essentially means living authentically and true to ourselves. It is an empowering experience which takes us from human base fears to an alignment and awareness of a greater aspect of ourselves.

“Oh soul,
You worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less, Why do you worry?
You are in truth.
The soul, of the soul, of the soul.”
~ Rumi ~

The Deception Of Identity
How many of us take into account feedback from family members and identify ourselves as mothers, friends, lovers, partners or husbands? And how many of us identify ourselves with our profession, position, personality or titles? “Oh! I’m a mother of 3”, “I’m a teacher”, “I’m a Director”, “I’m Datuk Ching”, “I’m a social activist”, “I’m a master healer” and the list goes on.

For over 15 years, I have associated myself with being a passionate advocate for children. I thought that living a passionate and purpose-driven life made me a real and authentic person. I believed that I was standing in the very presence of who I really am.

It took leaving my organization and living in a foreign country to really see how much I was disorientated and not living in the full essence of who I am. I realized that accomplishment, personality or profession do not reflect ME… I had to be stripped naked without a title to my name, a cause to advocate for and a foreign language that could not allow my personality to shine through.

But it was only then that I began to discover who I really am…

Stepping Into One’s Essence
It was an opportune moment to have been invited to write this article today about returning to the Self. It has given me an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on how much I have shifted since I started this journey into the Self. Since I returned to Malaysia just about a year ago, I have found that being true to myself means stepping into my very essence. So, the question begs an answer. What does it mean to step into my essence and return to the Self?

The first step is to be authentic.

It Takes Courage To Be Authentic
Being authentic requires courage. It is difficult to face our deepest emotions and feel everything that we are experiencing. It takes tremendous courage to do so. It takes even more courage to fully communicate these feelings in a responsible way. When feeling insecure or vulnerable, how many of us choose to shut down, disconnect, attack or blame others instead of being responsible for our own discomfort or experience?

Many people seek help from healers without placing much time or effort in reflecting on themselves and their own behaviors. They constantly search for “truth” and “answers” from everyone else outside of themselves, rather than having the courage to take a good, long hard look at the most difficult of all endeavors – looking within themselves.

How To Be Authentic In An Emotionally Difficult Situation
“I kept quiet then because when I used to be expressive, I had very bad experiences in the past. The reactions and words were hurtful because these people couldn’t accept their own truths. But now I’ve decided I will just speak up no matter what and if people cannot take it, it is their problem because I’ve spoken up.” Such words are not uncommon amongst those who have found it difficult to be authentic and speak their truth.

While it would have been easier to just blame the other people for how they choose to react in such a situation, one should look at it from a place of responsibility. And because most of us take what people say very personally and are not able to discern between constructive and disempowering feedback, we tend to be reactive, defensive and give away our personal power. So, what can we do when we receive unfriendly feedback and find it emotionally difficult to be authentic?

Taking Responsibility For Results
The best advice is to take a deep breath and stay in our physical body. Focus on feeling our emotions and thoughts. Notice when we are disconnecting from the feelings in our heart or when they run into our head, deep into our… want to read more? Purchase volume 5 here to complete Living Authentically To Be Your True Self!

Madeleine Yong has been initiated into a long unbroken lineage of Mexican master healers known as the Curanderos. She teaches Light Language, Golden Cloak, Light Energy Weave and other lineage classes that improve your well-being and shifts your potential to succeed in your career and relationships. Madeleine’s love for travel has taken her around the world from South America, Europe to Asia to study from numerous outstanding play therapists, child psychologists, powerful energy healers and spiritual master teachers, notably Selena Rodriguez and Brook Stills. You can contact her at