The Age Of Job Hopping

During an economic downturn, we often hear about companies laying off employees, cutting benefits, freezing recruitment and implementing pay cuts.

However, anecdotal evidence tells us that during good economic times, retaining employees is far harder. Usually employees with better access to information and more mobility will change jobs. Also, cross-border employment is becoming more popular as talent criss-cross the globe for better opportunities. This is the state of employment today as millennials dominate the job market.

What’s A Good Reason To Job Hop?

I personally feel that this is neither good nor bad. It depends on the employee’s intention.

I believe everyone knows Robert T. Kiyosaki, who in my opinion has written one of the best books on personal finance. According to his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, he hopped several jobs to equip himself with different skills, knowledge and experience that he felt was needed to achieve his dream. For example, he joined a company to learn about selling and to overcome the fear of rejection. He only left after he had consistently topped the sales in the company. Robert has the perfect attitude for success: he faced his fear and never gave up until he became the top salesperson there.

“The Success Attitude: Face your fears and never give up.”

Dream Big, But Have A Plan

I feel most job hoppers don’t have a dream in them. Most are clueless of what they want and who they want to be in life. Although some may have dreams, even big dreams, but not everyone is thoroughly committed, determined or will persevere to achieve their dreams.

In the course of researching for this article, I consulted a few young adults who had just stepped into the employment world. I found out that the majority of them were unsure of what they wanted in life.

They tend to think small and had no dream or vision for their lives. Generally, they only wanted a job that guarantees a good pay, good benefits, good bonuses, a good working environment and a good boss. It appeared that as long as they feel good in the jobs they are in, they have no other aspiration or goal for higher attainment.

For those who had big dreams, most of them however had no idea yet, or a plan on how to achieve their dreams. They felt demotivated to work as they are not able to relate their current employment towards their dream. Hence, they keep changing their job as it felt right initially but wrong later on. Most of the time, this category of people may need guidance to bridge their employment with their dream and to build a correct attitude to materialize their dreams.

The “Jobs” That I Used To Do

I had been like the majority before, clueless about life and my place in it.

In my first job, on one occasion, I had felt very angry and had wanted to quit immediately after being scolded by the boss. There was also dissatisfaction as I had wanted a high-paying job with few responsibilities and minimal challenges, something which didn’t come with this job.

In my second job, I had a boss who was hot-tempered and impatient. His guidance was good but my colleagues and I couldn’t tolerate his unreasonable outbursts. Many of them called it quits after 6 months. I myself had attempted to resign 3 times, but each time he increased my salary to retain me. What made me stay was not so much the money but my desire to learn new on-the-job skills and grow professionally. The funny thing was that it never crossed my mind to find alternative solutions other than resigning. Looking back, that’s probably because I felt so angry that I wanted to take “revenge” on my employer.

Is It The Job, Or Is It You?

As I mentioned earlier, there is neither right or wrong nor good or bad in job hopping. Ask if the following has been happening to you frequently:

• You have problems adapting to your working environment.
• You have problems with your bosses or colleagues.
• You avoid challenges or get stressed by problems in your job.
• You feel you are incapable of handling your job.

If you are job hopping because of any of the above reasons and it has been a recurring pattern in your life, you may need to seriously look at yourself. You have to start cultivating new thoughts, feelings and take different actions to generate a new outcome. For very serious situations which you feel you are unable to manage, you may need to seek assistance from a job counselor, life coach, an alternative healer, or the like to gain clarity and free yourself from your issue.

“Ask yourself if you are avoiding challenges by frequently changing jobs”

To Stay Or To Go

Some people may stay with a company for years. I feel it may not be a healthy situation if you are staying for any one of the following reasons:

• You are constantly complaining about your employment but it feels too comfortable for you to get up and leave.
• You are reluctant to learn new things and grow.
• You feel uncomfortable meeting new people or working in new, unfamiliar environments.
• You fear change.

Whether you are a job hopper or a loyal employee, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is your intention and whether your decision brings you more love, peace, happiness and fulfillment.

In summary, job hopping may be “bad” should your intention be to run away from your problems or challenges. But job hopping could be “good” and positive should you choose to learn new things, grow and equip yourself with the mental and emotional skills needed to transform challenges into opportunities.

Low Sheau Shy’s lifelong mission to re-connect with her true essence has led her to devote her life to bring more love, peace and happiness to everyone. In her 4 years of trainings and healings, her strong and sharp intuition has transformed people through her meditation classes and workshops. She also offers one on one sessions like psychic reading, crystal healing and coaching to her clients. Sheau Shy can be contacted at