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Volume 22

The “Evil Eye”

Centuries ago, people gave the eye “mystical powers”. For instance, an angry person who cast an “evil eye” at his victim would have him running for dear life. One never knew what negative energy would be flung one’s way.

True or not, but this is a belief that exists in many cultures including Asian, Hawaiian and European.

Power Behind The Eyes

Then there’s spiritualist Caroline Myss’ wise words, “Power originates behind your eyes, not in front of your eyes. Once power becomes visible, it evaporates. True power is invisible.”

Your eyes are a beautiful creation that transmit information of who you are. They are the doorway to your soul, brimming with all the emotions that flow through you.

The Connection Between Eyes & Body

But here’s what you may not know – your eyes reveal what other parts of your body are undergoing. In traditional Chinese medicine, the eyes are said to be related to the liver. Any eye issue is an indication that your liver may not be functioning that smoothly.

Also, the health of your eyes immediately shows how you view the world. If your eyes are fine one day but not the next, observe what’s going on in your life. Note the thoughts and emotions that have been running through you all day long.

Take a look of what 6 common eye issues could mean for you.

6 Common Eye Problems And Solutions

CATARACTS ~ This is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens and one of the main reasons people worldwide have impaired vision. Cataracts are like a foggy pair of spectacles, causing the world to appear blurry. Have you noticed how it’s usually the older generation who have cataracts?

Observe the way older folks view the world and their future. Both may appear grey, gloomy, and joyless to them. If so, they would likely have greeted old age and retirement with sadness. The “clouding“ is a sort of self-imposed veil of despair that they created.

A prescription of constant gratitude mixed with the habit of looking at the bright side of life is the first step to reduce the possibility of cataracts.

Instead of locking yourself away in your golden years, share the love, knowledge and time that you have on your hands with others, particularly the young. Connect with your heart to paint a new world that excites you.

CONJUNCTIVITIS (PINKEYE) ~ This is a pretty common problem, especially amongst children. One or both eyes turn a pinkish color with a gritty feeling. This may be accompanied with itching and a discharge. Plus, it may be difficult to open the eyelids in the morning.

In this case, something or someone in the world may be so unpleasant that the eyes do not wish to see it. The emotions churned up could include anger and frustration.

This would be the time to try to view the unpleasantness with love and acceptance.

GLAUCOMA ~ This disease could happen when pressure builds up inside the eyes, eventually damaging the optic nerve that links the eye to the brain.

Eventually, it leads to vision loss. It’s a process that happens over many years.

A person who has glaucoma may have a tendency to be stubborn and hang on to things. It could be anything, from old relationships, belief systems, criticisms to hurts that no longer serve them. This is where the need for forgiveness comes in.

“Unforgiveness” comes with its own low vibrations. You could say it’s like pressure building up in the body. It is time to relax, make your peace with the past and see the world through fresh eyes.

LONG-SIGHTEDNESS ~ Many older adults are able to see what’s in the distance clearly, but not what is near them. Ever wondered why?

As age creeps up on people, they fear the future. This causes them to try and anticipate all the things that could go wrong. That’s the only way they can feel prepared for unwanted events like accidents, loss of home or job, etc. So much so that they forget to live in the present. And that is why their eyes can’t clearly see the beauty right before them.

This calls for more trust, and to let go of the need to control life so much. Trust that all will be well.

NEAR-SIGHTEDNESS ~ It’s common for the young to be near-sighted. They can see well what’s near them but not what is far away.

There may be a fear of danger from somewhere close by. So, they anxiously focus on what’s near them to ensure safety. The source of danger (real or imagined) could be someone close to them, e.g. parent or teacher.

Another reason for near-sightedness or myopia is the reluctance to look at or accept the future. By not looking beyond their nose, they also run away from responsibilities and new undertakings.

Here, it’s not only trust that’s needed but also strength and confidence to walk into the future.

STY ~ This is a small, sore swelling that’s located at the edge of an eyelid. A sty can hurt. It makes the person conscious of it and feel irritated.

The question to ask is, “Is there something painful staring at me, but that I don’t want to look at? Or acknowledge? Does it bring out feelings of anger?”

When an unwelcome sty pops up, the person has to stop to reflect and accept. Accept that it is happening and that it hurts.

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Tibetan Eye Chart


Some exercises seem simple but are amazingly effective. Here are some that you could try.


  • Sit up straight in a chair. Place feet flat on ground, and elbows on a table.
  • Rub both palms together. Then place palm on eyes. Avoid pressing the eyes. Relax and take
    slow deep breaths. Repeat several times.

Tibetan Eye Chart

Although today there’s no scientific proof that this exercise works, numerous individuals who have used it claim it does. Yoga instructors do teach how to move the eyes in different directions whilst focusing on the chart. This has helped some eye problems.

Eye Affirmations

Say these affirmations out aloud. Connect or pay special attention to your eyes as you say them from your heart.

I see the world afresh.
A colorful world awaits me.

I am grateful to my eyes.
I see a beautiful safe place through them.

The present is safe.
The future is safe.
I am safe at all moments.

I am releasing the past.
I am releasing all hurt and pain.

I am ready to look at the world with peace and kindness. 

I am at peace.
It is safe for me to see the world.

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