All negativities will be exposed to the surface. Why there’ll be so much craziness is because we are so close to a collective breakthrough. The surface polarity may be overwhelming and thus it’s of utmost importance to maintain harmony at the personal or company level.

What humans have just gone through is the last cleansing of darkness that will result in us entering The Golden Age in 4 years.

Many will experience big waves of emotional surfing. There will be a lot of agitation worldwide especially in the Middle East.

Some groups will experience apathy (usually you can find high EMF source around these groups). The high level of spiritual stress will push us to search inward for solutions to our repetitive problems. The solution may come as an inspiration or dream to point us to traumas that have not yet resolved.

The mental and emotional planes will be in very surreal and accelerated states. Political upheavals in many countries are already in motion as told in our last prediction.

Many who are stuck in the 3D drama will become restless and suffer in despair. People will be looking for solutions to the endless loops they are stuck in and find hard to get out of.

On the positive side, the presence of light will be very strong. If you have a project to help humanity awake, or if you are ready spiritually, chances are that you will be doing very well and will experience the divine grace silently. This is your time to shine – follow the inner guidance!

In the coming months, the outer world will get more volatile. With pauses of a day or two each time, the huge quantum surf will continue – big time!


Was March too much? Then you better prepare for the next 3 months! If you are presently enjoying life, you will have a good surf in the coming months. But you are a minority.

Collectively, the coming few months will see emotional surges getting deeper. If you are feeling oppressed, this feeling will magnify in the coming months until July. If you are in a power struggle that does not make you feel good or look good, and you realize that it’s a lose-lose situation, maybe it’s time to reassess the situation before things go really bad.

You may feel that time has speeded up but that’s normal. More surprises will come in the political arena in the form of more dramas and conflicts. Many countries will exert more suppression to cause more emotional surges.

MATRIX: There will be a lot of people making “mistakes” in life during this time; all hidden traits of self will surface. All things will escalate. The key is to be authentic and work at life without playing up the false self. Work from your true authentic self. At this point, only being true can save you from crisis. Stay effective (or sane) by being real.

Stop lying, and work on your authentic self. Maintaining an “image” at this time will not only cost you, it will also create suffering. Be real even when things we can’t face or are shameful of, surface. But the sooner you handle them the better you will be. It’s okay if you choose drama, but be warned that the drama will tend to get more complicated.

The matrix structure has already started its collapse by now. All stories, inauthenticity, evil deeds will consume themselves. You must choose a side. Remember, suffering is an illusion. Illusion is a suffering. And the worst thing you can do is to continue to lie to yourself. For Matrix, it will never get easier after this point.

You are free to choose the collapsing structure by playing the old dramas and games. If you have had enough, and decide to go for a change (but realize you have become very reactive and are being driven by negative emotions), this is the time you need to focus on clearing yourself before anything else.

LIGHTWORKERS: Focus is the key. Don’t get distracted by the duality, the drama, the right and wrong, the what should or what shouldn’t. Follow your heart, do what feels best. Duality will only create problems. The “right” and “wrong” may bring understanding but never the solution. The solution is simply be real … live your own truth.

Does your work limit or uplift you? This will determine what forces are working with you or what energies you attract. Your work efficiency comes from how harmonious your team is. The level of mental, emotional and physical well-being, they all count!

Invest in silver and wear silver items.


Goddess energy will start its breakthrough in May. Silver is the main energy node to transfer this energy. The second energy node is Morganite. The world will need goddess energy then to subside the stress and tension between people and groups, and heal the mental anguish. This also means that silver price may break through this month or in June.

MATRIX: Oppression, abuse of power and suppressed darkness in one’s personality will continue to play out. The key is to make decisions in harmonious ways. This means you don’t have to agree with others, but do work harmoniously together.

LIGHTWORKERS: More distractions will come if you do not have 100% focus. Life is like meditation, if you are not focused, you are wasting time. Those who master life, master themselves. Be focused and fully present. When you do, all distractions fade into the background. Just like meditation.

There will be a lot of healing needed at this point. It’s best if you teach or coach people how to invoke and connect with their Higher Self. Reiki, prana or energy healing is second best.

The pure channel will be needed more than ever. You don’t have to be in groups to be effective. What you need is a pure heart and the Universe will channel suitable people to you depending on your consciousness level. If you don’t like what you encounter, reflect. Being grateful is the key to hold your vibration high.


MATRIX: Lots of people will begin to wake up. It will all start here. The silver price will start to recover, climbing upward towards a finale. A series of big events will continue to happen.

LIGHTWORKERS: It will be of utmost importance to keep the integrity and efficiency of your work. This time, not only will people need healing, they will also be looking inward for a solution in life. But will it be too hard for them to believe?

Get organized and make clear decisions about what you are manifesting.

How efficient are you? How can you best serve humanity? Why is the Universe choosing you as a channel? These are the questions to ask if you plan to expand. If you are stuck, go silent and connect back to the inner peace, inner wisdom, inner truth. If you must, go meet with some other lightworkers.

You won’t need Facebook ads to expand your business. What you will need is a deeper connection, and a clear intention of what you want to do for the world.

Much energy archetypes will be in place for you to align with. Deciding what you want to do may result in changing the entire course of your life. The spiritual community will be in place and ready for the coming mass transitions.

You know the phrase “the night is always darkest before dawn”? You might be well at this point. Certainly, there will be doubts as to which direction your physical environment is moving toward. It may be dark, but dawn is approaching. Keep your feet on the ground; do not absorb the energy of those who are immersed in despair.

It is a question of the “short time” in your time, and of your ability to understand that time as NOT time…

You need to let go and you know you need to.


DREAM LEARNING: Many dreams will have deep meaning. Sometimes, it could be the release of an old trauma, or an old memory retrieved. Other times, it could really be what’s actually happening in the upper dimensions. Some people can see what’s happening with the world by dream learning inside the other dimension. If used well, many messages can be retrieved and intuition trained this way.

If you can’t remember your dreams, this could be because your consciousness and awareness are not yet developed enough. If this is the case, the remedy is to remember a key word after you wake up from the dream. Deep meditation helps you remember.

What happens in the dream is sometimes a manifestation of quantum potentials at different space-times. Ask yourself what is this feeling that’s so familiar. Let different revelations come to you without labelling them. If you don’t like what happened in the dream, ask yourself what you are so afraid of.

DUALITY: Are you stuck in duality? You can do 2 things. One is to observe your emotions and mental state when you are at the upside of the duality and also when you are at the downside. This is for you to understand the trauma pattern inside you so you can break through it. The second is to focus on the solution. Duality doesn’t really provide the answers. Wise people focus on deepening the connection with inner guidance, instead of intellectually analyzing what is right and wrong.

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